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Critters / is once again happy to host the annual P&E Readers Poll. Good luck to all entrants!

The Preditors & Editors™ Readers' Poll honors print & electronic publications published during . Click here for the official rules.


The poll opens Dec. 24 this year (through Jan. 14).

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Note your name and email address will be required to vote to prevent fraud. Entries for each category are listed in alphabetical order. Add a new entry using the row at the bottom. Voters are automatically entered into a drawing for prizes from our sponsors. Please check your vote for accuracy before submitting, as we regret we cannot fix typos! You may report errors here but generally only errors affecting the scores will be dealt with, after the voting ends. [Prior years' final tallies are here]

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Print/Electronic Books Publisher...

4RV Publishing[link]
ASJ Publishing[link][comments]
Astraea Press[link][comments]
Astraea Press[link][comments]
Beachwalk Press[link][comments]
Beautiful Trouble Publishing[link]
Biting Dog Press[link]
Black Lyon Publishing[link][comments]
Books We Love[link][comments]

Boroughs Publishing Group[link]
Candlemark & Gleam[link][comments]
Central Avenue Publishing[link][comments]
Champagne Book Group[link]
Changeling Press[link]
Class Act Books[link]
Crossed Genres Publications[link]
Crystal Lake Publishing[link]
Desert Breeze[link]
Double Dragon Publishing[link]
Etopia Press[link][comments]
Evernight Publishing[link]
Fantastic Books[link]
Guardian Angel Publishing[link][comments]
Hazardous Press[link]
Horny Devil Publishing[link][comments]
Lyrical Press[link]
Mockingbird Lane Press[link]
Musa Publishing[link][comments]
MuseItUp Publishing[link][comments]
Naughty Nights Press[link][comments]
New Pulp Press[link][comments]
Nightscape Press[link]
Pen-L Publishing[link][comments]
Permuted Press[link]
Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing[link]
Perseid Press[link]
Pink Narcissus Press[link]
Post Mortem Press[link]
Prism Book Group[link][comments]
Purple Sword Publications[link]
Secret Cravings Publishing[link]
Smart Rhino Publications[link][comments]
Solstice Publishing[link][comments]
Taliesin Publishing[link][comments]
The Wild Rose Press[link][comments]
Totally Bound[link][comments]
Turquoise Morning Press[link]
Tuscany Press[link][comments]
Twilight Times Books[link][comments]
uncial press[link]
Uncial Press[link]
Wee Creek Presshttp://[comments]
Whiskey Creek Presshttp://
Wild Child Publishing[link]
World Weaver Press[link][comments]
~~Publisher not listed: URL:

(Please check your vote for accuracy before submitting, as we regret we cannot fix typos. You may report errors here but generally only errors affecting the scores will be dealt with, after the voting ends.)

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