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Critters / is once again happy to host the Annual Readers Poll. (Formerly co-hosted by P&E, but they appear to have gone dormant.) Good luck to all entrants!

The Readers' Poll honors print & electronic publications published during . Click here for the official rules.


The poll opens Dec. 24 this year (through Jan. 14).

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Newest categories: Magical Realism, Positive Future Fiction (novel & short story)

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel published in 2017...

A Change of Scenery: The Hunger Roads Trilogy: Book OneDebra ParmleyBelo Dia Publishing Inc.http:/[link]
A Rainbow BridgeErin O'QuinnNew Dawn Press[link][comments]
ArtemisAndy WeirCrown[link]
AustralPaul McAuleyGollancz[link]
Barbarian Blood Royal (The Arcanian Chronicles Book 6)Toni V. SweeneyClass Act Books[link]
Beyond the ValeKerry Alan DenneyBurning Willow Press[link]
Bringer of Chaos: Forged in FireKayelle AllenRomance Lives Forever Books[link]
Chaos FallsPippa DaCostaCrazy Ace Publishing[link]
Conqueror of the StarsJohn B. RosenmanMuseItUp Publishing[link]

Crimson FireMirren HoganBurning Willow Press[link]
Crossing QuinnGail KogerLoose Id[link][comments]
Cursed on the PrairiesTanya ReimerElsewhen Press[link]
Dark Times: The Chronicles of Death book 2Brian G. MurrayBurning Willow Press[link]
Dark TimesBrian G MurrayBurning Willow Press[link]
Daybreak: Nightfall Book OneJeffery Martin BotzenhartSolstice[link]
DeathtrapDannika DarkDannika Dark[link][comments]
Devourer:A Minister Knight NovelNicole Givens KurtzMocha Memoirs Press[link][comments]
Dragon HomeJ.D. HallowellSmithcraft Press[link][comments]
Elfin NightsBrantwijn SerrahChampagne Books[link][comments]
EmpyreanJim CroninSolstice Publishing[link]
Escaping InfinityRichard PaolinelliTuscany Bay Publishing[link]
Exile of ElindelCarol BrowneBurning Willow Press[link]
Exile to ElindelCarol BrowneBurning Willow Press[link]
Faller: A novelWill McIntoshTor Books[link]
Flame in the DarkFaith HunterACE[link][comments]
FOUND!Mike ArsuagaI Heart Book Publishing, LLC[link]
Game on AskoleGail KogerLoose Id[link][comments]
Grave DealingsR.R. VirdiAmazon[link][comments]
Grave DealingsR.R. Virdihttp://
Grave MeasuresR.R. Virdihttp://[comments]
Gylded WingsLinda NightingaleThe Wild Rose Press[link]
HegiraJim CroninSolstice Publishing[link]
Heroes of Antreya: The Journey BeginsDean Clark & Shaun M JoosteCelenic Earth Publications[link][comments]
How the Vortex Changed My LifePamela K. KinneyPamela K. Kinney[link][comments]
Hunting the BeastWT WatsonBurning Willow Press[link]
Immortal SlumberSL PerrineBurning Willow Press[link]
In Search of PrideGabriella Bradley & Taryn JamesoneXtasy Books[link]
Krakenstein VS. KoalatronKevin CandelaCreateSpace[link][comments]
Maelstrom of FateTamara A LoweryGypsy Shadow Publishing[link][comments]
Magic ForgottenJack HillmanRunning Wild Press[link][comments]
Nights AroseAndrea RocheSolstice Publishing[link][comments]
Only A ShadowIona MorrisonThe Wild Rose Press[link][comments]
POW: Another WorldPeter Oliver WonderBurning Willow Press[link]
Quest of a WarriorMary MorganThe Wild Rose Press[link]
RecusantJim CroninSolstice Publishing[link]
Secrets of the SlainLindsey GoddardBurning Willow Press[link]
Silver SilenceNalini SinghGollancz[link]
Talon: The Spider's WebJay Michael Wright IIBurning Willow Press[link]
The Angel of PrideYasmin HawkenAmazon[link]
The Beast WithinSL PerrineBurning Willow Press[link]
The Future is Built on AshesCharles MullenixBurning Willow Press[link]
The HematophagesStephen KozeniewskiSinister Grin Presshttp://
The Indigo Prince of Temple MoorSadie K. FrazierSolstice Publishing[link]
The Klockwerk Kraken CollectionAidee Ladnierself pub?[link][comments]
The MessiahVincent L. ScarsellaDigital Fiction[link]
The ProphecyTia DaniBWL Publishing Inc.[link]
The Pursuit of CrazeMeredith GoodSolstice Publishing[link]
The RunaboutKristine Kathryn RuschAsimov's/WMG Publishing[link]
The Salamander's SmileTerry MaddenDigital Fiction Publishing[link][comments]
The SequelDina RaeSolstice[link]
The Starhawk ChroniclesJoseph J MaddenBurning Willow Press[link]
The Turn: The Hollows Begins with DeathKim HarrisonGallery Books[link]
There Be DemonsM.K. TheodoratusWooden Pants Publishing[link]
Thick as ThievesKen LizziRogue Star Press[link]
Ti, HypershearS.R. Jaborskyhttp://
Titan's WrathRhett C BrunoAethon Books[link]
Titan;s WrathRhett C Brunoaethon Books[link]
Vegas Is BurningTrinity BlacioRiverdale Ave Books[link]
Vendetta ProtocolKevin IkenberryRed Adept Publishing[link]
Wanderers of the Silent Season: Heartbeat of the World 2T. WyseBurning Willow Press[link]
we Will Change Our StarsNicole Thorn/Sarah HallBurning Willow Press[link]
Widows of the EmpyreamNikki MewhaBurning Willow Press[link]
Zombified: The Zombie Head Hunter series book 1Kindra Sowder/Santiago CiriloBurning Willow Press[link]
~~Title not listed: by: Publisher: URL:

(Please check your vote for accuracy before submitting, as we regret we cannot fix typos. You may report errors here but generally only errors affecting the scores will be dealt with, after the voting ends.)

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