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Preditors & Editors Poll results

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Standings for category: novelr

1. Babies in the Bargain, Mona Risk, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
2. The Benefactor, Margaret Reyes Dempsey, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
3. The Trouble With Playboys, Margaret Tanner, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
4. Clippings, A.J. Mirag, Lulu, [link]
5. Innocence Lost, Tiffany Green, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
6. Fortune's Pride, Michele Stegman, Asylett Press, [link]
7. Spell of Appalachia, Molly Wens, eXcessica, [link]
8. The Third Wish, K. F. Zuzulo, Sapphire Blue Publishing, [link]
8. Recipe For Love, Fiona McGier, Wings e-press, [link]
9. Beyond the Quiet, Brenda Hill, Vanilla Heart, [link]

11. Champagne, Inara LeVay, Ravenous Romance, [link]
11. Another Time, Another Place, T. Sue VerSteeg, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
12. Unfolding the Shadows, Katie O'Sullivan, Cerridwen Press, [link]
12. Branded By Fire, Nalini Singh, Berkeley Books, [link]
12. Darkness Into Light, Christy Poff, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, [link]
13. All For A Fist Full Of Ashes, R. Ann Siracusa, Sapphire Blue Publishing, [link]
13. Love Means No Shame, Andrew Grey, Dreamspinner Press, [link]
14. Mistletoe and Holly, Marilyn Gardiner, Wings e-press, [link]
14. A Chaunce of Riches, Chelle Cordero, Vanilla Heart, [link]
14. Binding Vows, Catherine Bybee, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
15. Hostage Heart, Chelle Cordero, Vanilla Heart Publishing, [link]
15. Time For Love, Melissa Miller, IE Novel, [link]
15. Love in Space, Lisa Lane, Ravenous Romance, [link], 1845&prev=hp!1845&ccm=EC, 1845
16. Family Unit, ZAM, loose id, [link]
16. Journey To Forgiveness, Laurean Brooks, White Rose Publishing, [link]
16. Warrior's Cross, Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux, Dreamspinner Press, [link]
16. Timeless Mist, Terisa Wilcox, L&L Dreamspell, [link]
16. Hard Fall, James Buchanan, MLR Press, [link]
16. Passion Unleashed, Larissa Ione, Grand Central Publishing, [link]
17. Vicus Luna, Jessica Coulter Smith, Wild Horse Press, [link]
17. Killer Dolls, Angelica Hart & Zi, Champagne Books, [link]
17. Lonely Soul, Mary Quast, Vanilla Heart Publishing, [link]
17. Witch's Magic, Tabitha Shay, Eternal Press, [link]
17. Woman of Honor, Nicole Zoltack, Desert Breeze Publishing, [link]
17. Honor Thy Neighbor, Valerie J. Patterson, BookStrand, [link]
18. Surrender Love, Kayelle Allen, Loose Id, [link]
18. Divorce Etiquette, Monique DeVere, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
18. Long Run Home, Lynn Romaine, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
18. Rose Of The Adriatic, K.M. Daughters, White Rose Publishing, [link]
18. Erin's Rebel, Susan Macatee, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
19. Night's Pleasure, Amanda Ashley, Zebra, [link]
19. Loving Lydia, Amy De Trempe, Second Wind Publishing, [link]
19. Lone Wolf, Teresa D'Amario, Tease Publishing, LLC, [link]
19. Ashton's Secret, Liana Laverentz, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
19. The Ghost Downstairs, Molly Ringle, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
19. Soul of a Guardian, Angela Verdenius, Wings ePress, [link]
19. Love Fang, Susan Blexrud, DCL Publications LLC, [link]
19. Time after Time, J P Bowie, MLR Press
19. Never Too Old For the Game Of Love, Fiona McGier, Wings e-press.com, [link]
20. Falling Down, Selena Kitt, Excessica Publishing, [link]
20. Invisible, Kimber Chin, Champagne Books, [link]
20. Lord of Thunder, Linda Mooney, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, https://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/torrid/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=424
20. Ride the Lightning, Lex Valentine, Pink Petal Books, [link]
20. Hidden Fire, Jo Davis, NAL
20. New Beginnings, Pat McCain, Night to Dawn, [link]
20. Red Wine For Breakfast, Raven West, Chalet, [link]
20. Love By Design, Fiona McGier, Wings e-press, [link]
20. Kilted Lover, Nicole North, Red Sage Publishing, [link]
20. Laird of the Mist, Foery MacDonell, Moongypsy Press, [link]
21. Surviving With Love, Rebecca J. Vickery, Smashwords, [link]
21. THE MANE SQUEEZE, Shelly Laurenston , Kensington Publishing Corporation, [link]
21. Destined for an early grave, Jeaniene Frost, Avon, [link]
21. Too Close To The Fire, Jaydyn Chelcee, Eternal Press, [link]
21. Cat's Meow, Nicole Austin, Ellora's Cave, [link]
21. The Vicarage Bench, Mimi Barbour, Wilf Rose Press, [link]
21. Whistling in the Dark, Tamara Allen, Lethe Press, [link]
21. Just My Luck, Gail Koger, Whispers Publishing, [link]
21. Beyond The Code Of Conduct, K.M. Daughters, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
21. Reckless Passion, Amanda Young, Loose id, [link]
21. Past Imperfect, J M Cornwell, L&L Dreamspell, [link]
21. Snared, Sean Michael, Torquere Press, [link]
22. In Blood And Worth Loving, Marilyn Lee, Red Rose Publishing, [link]
22. Confessions, Wendy Ely, Lyrical Press, [link]
22. The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais, Susan Hanniford Crowley, Tease Publishing LLC, [link]
22. Ride The Wild Wind , Kimberly Ivey , Red Rose Publishing, [link]
22. Fire Eyes, Cheryl Pierson, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
22. Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood, Tamela Quijas, Wild Horse Press, [link]
22. The One That Got Away, Rhianne Aile and Madeleine Urban, Dreamspinner Press, [link]
22. Meant To Be, Donna Marie Rogers, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
22. Dare to Believe Gray 1 , Dana Marie Bell, Samhain Publishing, Ltd., [link]
22. Blind Consent, Michael Davis, Champagne Books, [link]
22. Circle of Eternity, Sandy Nicks, Vanilla Heart Publishing, [link]
22. For The Love of Willow Walk , S.K. Hamilton, Stepping Stones Press Ltd, [link]
22. One Night in Napa, Allie Boniface, Samhain Publishing, [link]
23. Forbiddden Heart, Kara Wills, BookStrand
23. Her Reluctant Rancher, Anne Marie Novark, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
23. Wanton Wager, Morgan Ashbury, Siren/Bookstrand, [link]
23. Full Throttle, Candace Morehouse, Champagne Books, [link]
23. The Thorn At His Side, Diana Flori, Hearts On fire, [link]
23. The Wolfe Proxy, T D McKinney, Amber Quill Press, [link]
23. Bound by Blood: The Awakening, CH Scarlett, Dark Roast Press, [link]
23. Beauty & the Bigfoot, Kelli A. Wilkins, Amber Quill Press, [link]
23. To Find and to Keep, Serena Yates, Dreamspinner Press, [link]
23. Angel Vindicated, Viola Estrella, Cerridwen Press, [link]
23. Bareley Bewitched, Kimberly Frost, Berkley, [link]
23. The Truth About Fairy Tales, J.A. Clarke, Uncial Press, [link]
23. Hunting Season, Shelly Laurenston, Samhain, [link]
23. Master's Mistress, Patricia Bates, Champagne Books, [link]
23. Out of Her Dreams, Dee Lloyd, Awe-Struck Publishing, [link]
23. Midnight Secrets, Lisa Rose Olick, Black Bed Sheet Books, [link]
23. Matchmen, Ltd, T.C. Blue, Torquere Books, [link]
23. Hoosier Life & Casuality, Ian Woollen, Casperian Books, [link]
23. Shadow Hunter, Kara Wills, BookStrand, [link]
23. Brier's Bargain: Bodyguards in Love, Carol Lynne, Total E Bound, [link]
23. Angel of Windword, Maggie Dove, Eternal Press, [link]
23. Past, Present And Forever, K.M. Daughters, Sapphire Blue Publishing, [link]
23. Black Ice, Lexie Davis, Bookstrand Publishing, [link]
23. Eye of the Storm, Lee Rowan, Cheyenne Publishing, [link]
23. False Colors, Alex Beecroft, Running Press, [link]
24. The Macgregor's Daughter, Dee Julian, Wild Child Publishing, [link]
24. Hand-me-Down Bride, Juliet Waldron, Second Wind Publishing, [link]
24. Desire to Die For, Jessica Lee, Loose Id, [link]
24. Wes & Toren, J.M. Colail, Dreamspinner Press, [link]
24. Rightfully Mine: God's Equal Rights Amendment, Aggie Villanueva, Lulu, [link]
24. I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier, Crystal Rose, Dark Roast Press, [link]
24. Over My Undead Body, Debbie Cairo, Whispers Publishing, [link]
24. Paging Miss Gallway, Susanne Marie Knight, Awe-Struck Publishing, [link]
24. My Strength, My Power, My Love, Linda Mooney, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, https://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/torrid/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=396
24. Lady Luck, Julie Lence, Asylett Press, [link]
24. Command the Wind, Elaine Lowe, Ellora's Cave, [link]
24. Homecoming, Regina Paul, Eternal Press, [link]
24. An Unexpected Guest, Elizabeth Black, Fanny Press, [link]
24. Someone to Trust, Lesa Henderson, White Rose Publishing, [link]
24. Serendipity House, Joyce DeBacco, Wild Child Publishing, [link]
24. Conquest, S.J. Frost, MLR Press, [link]
24. Clippng, [link]
24. Bitten, Tracey H. Kitts, New Concepts Publishing, [link]
24. Carved in Stone, Sarah Storme, Echelon Press, [link]
24. Desire, Gladys Hobson, AG Press, [link]
24. Cross Country Chaos, Lesli Richardson, BookStrand, [link]
24. Immortal Outlaw, Lisa Hendrix, Berkley Sensation, [link]
24. Hannah's Man, Rita Hestand, Create Space, [link]
24. My Son's Roommate, Veronica Tower, Red Rose Publishing, [link]
24. The Hunt, Anne Marsh, Dorchester, [link]
25. Nerd in a Wolf Suit , Laine Morgan, champagne books, [link]
25. Sand Hill Estates: The Murders, Charles Wells, Aspen Mountain Press, [link]
25. Eternally His, Carol North, Class Act Books, [link]
25. Remastering Jerna, Ann Somerville, PD Publishing, [link]
25. Lord Devereaux's Lady, Blaise Kilgallen, Awe-Struck Books, [link]
25. Night Hunter, Laura Shinn, Smashwords, https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7185
25. White Star, Elizabeth Vaughan, Berkley, [link]
25. Pitch Dark, Brooke London, Cerridwen Press, [link]
25. Prelude to Camelot, Cynthia Breeding, Highland Press Publishing, [link]
25. The Blue Enchantress, MaryLu Tyndall, Barbour, [link],565.aspx?Tab=Books
25. Lady Runaway, Ginger Hanson, Twilight Times Books, [link]
25. Drawing the Veil, Stevie Woods, Phaze Books, [link]
25. Maria Gonzalez, Nickie Fleming, Rogue Phoenix Press, [link]
25. A Killer's Agenda, Anita Whiting, Samhain Publishing, [link]
25. Forever Amore, Amber Leigh Williams, Black Lyon Publishing, [link]
25. How To Tame A Rake, Maggi Andersen, New Concepts Publishing, [link]
25. Dark Water, Jenni Holbrook, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
25. Sonya Recovered, Janette Rochelle Lewie, Second Wind Publishing, [link]
25. In The Flesh, Livia Dare, Kensington, [link]
25. Life on the Homestead, Mary Jean Kelso, Wings Press, [link]
25. The Cowboy Plan, Denise B McDonald, Samhain Publishing, [link]
25. Blood of the Beast, Tamela Quijas, Createspace, [link]
25. A Soldier's Woman, Amy Gallow, Eternal Press, [link]
25. Assassin's Fall, Angela Steed, Black Lyon Publishing, [link]
25. Diner Girl, Mary Malcolm, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
25. Dangerously Funny, David Bianculli, Touchstone, [link]
25. The Rest Of Our Lives, Dan Stone, Lethe Press, [link]
25. Staking His Claim, Stephanie Morris, Sugar and Spice Press, [link]
25. Making Lemonade, T.C. Blue, Torquere Books, [link]
25. Guardians of the Gate, Ami Blackwelder, ireadiwrite E-Publisher, [link]
25. Naughty Nobles, Kelli A. Wilkins, Amber Quill Press, [link]
25. Seducing His Lordship, Brenda Williamson, Loose Id, [link]
25. Magnificent Man, Randall Lang, Midnight Showcase, [link]
25. Her Big Bad Wolf, McKenna Chase & Jana Mercy, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
25. The Mistletoe Phenomenon, Serena Yates, Dreamspinner Press, [link]
25. Serengeti Heat, Vivi Andrews, Samhain Publishing, LTD, [link]
25. Raphael, D. B. Reynolds, ImaJinn Books, [link]
25. Summer's Song, Allie Boniface, Samhain Publishing, [link]
25. Talons of the Condor, John Simpson, Dreamspinner Press, [link]

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