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Check out Books by Critters for books by your fellow Critterfolk, as well as my list of recommended books for writers.

The Sigil Trilogy

If you're looking for an amazing, WOW! science fiction story, check out THE SIGIL TRILOGY. This is — literally — one of the best science fiction novels I've ever read.

New Book from a Critter Member

**NOW IN PRINT EDITION TOO!** Awesome new book, HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SPECULATIVE FICTION OPENINGS, from a Critter member who's unearthed a shard of The Secret to becoming a pro writer. Really good piece of work. "...if you're at all concerned about story openings, you'd be nuts not to read what Qualkinbush has to say." —Wil McCarthy, author of BLOOM and THE COLLAPSIUM


I was interviewed live on public radio for Critters' birthday, for those who want to listen.

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Free web sites for authors (and others) are available at www.nyx.net.

ReAnimus Acquires Advent!

ReAnimus Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of the legendary Advent Publishers! Advent is now a subsidiary of ReAnimus Press, and we will continue to publish Advent's titles under the Advent name. Advent was founded in 1956 by Earl Kemp and others, and has published the likes of James Blish, Hal Clement, Robert Heinlein, Damon Knight, E.E. "Doc" Smith, and many others. Advent's high quality titles have won and been finalists for several Hugo Awards, such as The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Heinlein's Children. Watch this space for ebook and print editions of all of Advent's current titles!

Book Recommendation

THE SIGIL TRILOGY: The universe is dying from within... "Great stuff... Really enjoyed it." — SFWA Grandmaster Michael Moorcock

Announcing ReAnimus Press

If you're looking for great stuff to read from bestselling and award-winning authors—look no further! ReAnimus Press was founded by your very own Critter Captain. (And with a 12% Affiliate program.) [More]








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Preditors & Editors Poll results

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Standings for category: antho

1. Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead, Black Bed Sheet Books, [link]
2. Toe Tags, New Flesh Books, [link]
3. Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas, 12 to Midnight, [link]
4. Secrets Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures, Red Sage Publishing, [link]
5. Elements of the Soul, Twin Trinity Media, [link]
6. Bonded by Blood: A Romance in Red, SNM, [link]
7. Northern Roses and Southern Belles, The Wild Rose Press, www.thewildrosepress.com
8. Dead Souls, Morrigan Books, [link]
9. Second Time Around, Highland Press, [link]

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10. With Arms Wide Open, Vanilla Heart Publishing, [link]
11. Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology, Unexpected Spark, [link]
12. Attractions of The Heart, loveyoudivine Alterotica, [link]
13. Shadows of the Emerald City, Northern Frights Publishing, [link]
13. The Stories In Between, Fantasist Enterprises, [link]
14. Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes, EDGE SF&F, [link]
15. How NOT to Survive the Holidays, DS Publishing, [link]
16. Malpractice: An Anthology of Bedside Terror, Stygian Publications, [link]
17. Grants Pass, Morrigan Books, [link]
17. Vintage Voices: Centi'Anni: May you live 100 years, A Few Little Books, [link]
18. Romance of My Dreams, L & L Dreamspell, [link]
19. A Look Inot the Mirror Darkly, Cinsarea Santiago, [link]
20. Queer Dimensions, Queer Fiction, [link]
21. I DO! An anthology in support of marriage equality, MLR Press, [link]
22. Rage of the Behemoth, Rogue Blades Entertainment, [link]
22. The Zombie Cookbook, Damnation Books, [link]
23. Things We Are Not, M-Brane SF, [link]
24. Old Magic in a New Age, Earlyworks Press, [link]
24. You Don't Know What You've Got, Gryphonwood, [link]
24. Seasons of Love, Whiskey Creek Press, [link]
24. 52 Stitches, Strange Publications, [link]
24. Voices of Survivors, Vanilla Heart Publishing, [link]
25. Sindustry Vol 1, Dreamspinner, [link]
25. Metamorphosis, Aspen Mountain Press, [link]
25. Fantastical Visions IV, Fantasist Enterprises, [link]
26. Sexy Beast VI, Aphrodisia, [link]
26. Tickle My Fantasy, Samhain Publishing, [link]
26. Coming Together: Against The Odds, Phaze, [link]
26. Love's Immortal Pantheon Vol 1, Tease Publishing, LLC, [link]
26. Coming Together: For Her, eXcessica, [link]
26. Cocked & Fully Loaded, Noble Romance Publishing, https://www.nobleromance.com/ItemDisplay.aspx?i=81
27. Immortal Fire, Love You Divine, [link]
27. Queer Wolf, QueeredFiction, [link]
27. Bump in the Night, Drollerie Press, [link]
27. Footprints, Hadley Rille Books, [link]
28. Dreams and Desires 3, Freyas Bower, [link]
28. On The Wild Side, Highland Press, [link]
29. Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction, Cleis Press, [link]
29. Women of the Apocalypse, Absolute XPress, [link]
29. Peep Show: Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists, Cleis Press, [link]
29. Masques, CSfG Publishing, [link]
29. The Care and Feeding of Demons, Torquere Publishing, [link]
29. Silent Hustler, The, Lethe Press, [link]
30. Harvest Hill, Graveside Tales Publishing, [link]
30. SWING! Adventures in Swinging by Today's Top Erotica Writers, Logical-Lust, [link]
30. The Golden Idol and Blood Lust, Celestrial Books, [link]
30. In Bad Dreams 2: Where Death Stalks, Eneit Press, [link]
30. A TIME TO... Volume 3 The Best of the Lorelei Signal 2008, WolfSinger Publications, [link]
30. Finding Their Way Back, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
30. Backless, Strapless & Slit to the Throat, InkSpotter Publishing, [link]
31. The Carpathian Shadows: Volume II, Booksforabuck.com, [link]
31. Dead Worlds:Undead Stories, Living Dead Press, [link]
31. So It Begins, Dark Quest Books, www.darkquestbooks.com
31. My Dark Roasted Valentine, Dark Roast Press, [link]
31. The Book of Tentacles, Sam's Dot Publishing, [link]
31. Nocturnal Illumination, Kerry Morgan, [link]
31. Semaphore Anthology 2009, Marie Hodgkinson, [link]
31. Love Me Dead, MLR Press, [link]
31. Boys of the Bite, Ravenous Romance, [link]
31. Mystic Signals, WolfSinger Publications, [link]
31. The Way Back Home, The Wild Rose Press, [link]
32. The World is Dead, Permuted Press, [link]
32. Vile Things - Extreme Deviations of Horror, Comet Press, [link]
32. Moral Horror, Black Freighter Productions, [link]
32. Hot For The Holidays, Berkley Jove Publishing, [link]
32. Sapphistocated, Phaze, [link]
32. The Further Accounts of the Imaginary Friend, Virtual Tales, [link]
32. Wet Skin, MLR Press, [link]
32. Sha'Daa: Tales of the apocalypse, Altered Dimensions, [link]
32. New Ceres Nights, Twelfth Planet Press, [link]
32. Quarry, Level Best Books, [link]
32. Cern Zoo: Nemonymous 9, Megazanthus Press, [link]
32. Surrender: Tales of Erotic Submission, Phaze Publishing, [link]
32. The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica, Cleis Press, [link]
32. Hidden Conflict, Cheyenne Press, [link]
32. Vermin, Rymfire eBooks, [link]
32. Black Dragon White Dragon, Ricasso Press, [link]
33. Home of the Brave, Stories in Uniform, Press 53, [link]
33. The Middle of Nowhere, Pill Hill Press, [link]
33. Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder), Chimericana Books, [link]
33. Robots Beyond, Permuted Press, [link]
33. POW!erful Tales, Peryton Publishing, [link]
33. And Now The Nightmare Begins, BearManor books, [link]
33. Metropolitan Passions Vol 2, Phaze Books, [link]
33. Forbidden Views , Dark Roast Press, [link]
33. Twisted Legends: Urbanized & Unauthorized, Pill Hill Press, [link]
33. Past Shadows, MLR Press, [link]
33. Under The Covers, Kensington Aphrodisia, [link]
33. Dead Bait, Severed Press, [link]
33. Subtropics: Hustlers, Students, and Juicy Fruits Heat Up, eXcessica, [link]
33. Horror Through The Ages, Lame Goat Press, [link]
33. It was a Dark and Stormy Halloween, Whortleberry Press, [link]
33. The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008, Every Day Fiction, [link]
33. Fiction and Truth, Treble Heart Books, [link]
33. Avant Garde for the New Millennium , Raw Dog Screaming Press, [link]
33. Mating Season, Amira Press, [link]
33. Future Perfect - A collection of Fantastic Erotica, Logical-Lust, [link]
33. On A Cold Winter's Night, Highland Press Publishing, [link]
33. Murder Past, Murder Present, Twilight Times Books, [link]
33. Space Cops, Science Fiction Trails Publishing, [link]

Standings for category: artist

1. Stephen Macquignon, [link]
2. Dawn Dominique, [link]
3. Nick Rose, [link]
4. Cinsearae Santiago, [link]
5. Aidana WillowRaven, [link]
6. Anne Cain, [link]
7. Jinger Heaston, [link]
7. Ryan Shaw, [link]
8. Rae Monet, [link]
9. Anastasia Rabiyah, [link]

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10. Rey Marz, [link]
11. Paul Richmond, [link]
12. Nikki Shoemaker, [link]
12. Enchanted Web Style, [link]
13. Jax Cassidy, [link]
14. Michelle Henninger, [link]
15. Vonnie Winslow Crist, [link]
16. Alessia Brio, [link]
17. Richard H Fay
17. Nathalie Moore, [link]
17. Billy Tackett, [link]
18. Amanda Kelsey, [link]
18. Linda Houle, [link]
18. Judith B. Glad, [link]
19. Nicola Martinez, [link]
19. Laura Shinn, [link]
19. Diana Navarro, [link]
19. Joey Walnuts, [link]
19. Blaise Kilgallen, [link]
19. K.C. Snider, [link]
20. Reece Notley, [link]
20. Juanita Campbell, [link]
20. Stella Price, [link]
20. Lisa Oakman, [link]
20. Catherine Edmunds, [link]
20. Bonnie Everett-Hawkes, [link]
20. Jessica Pierson, [link]
20. Croco Designs, [link]
20. Kim Mendoza, [link]
21. Johnney Perkins, [link]
21. Kiriko Moth, [link]
21. Alex Beecroft, [link]
21. J. Smith, [link]
21. April Martinez, [link]
21. Natalie Winters, [link]
21. Angela Waters, [link]
21. Winterheart Design, [link]
21. Renee George, [link]
21. E.J. Mickels II, [link]
21. Deana Jamroz, [link]
21. Creations by Kendra, [link]
21. Bob Freeman, [link]
21. Laura Givens, [link]
21. Trace Edward Zaber, [link]
22. Rob Crandall, [link]
22. Malcolm McClinton, [link]
22. Jase Daniels, [link]
22. Sarah Cerulean, [link]
22. Christina Yoder, [link]
22. Tom Brown, [link]
22. Tuesday Dube', [link]
22. Jet Mykles, [link]
22. Zaara, [link]
22. Jesse Fox, [link]
22. Lorraine Brevig, [link]
22. Scott Carpenter, [link]
22. Tanja Bauerle, [link]
22. Justin Perry, [link]
22. Manuela Pentangelo, [link]
22. Linda Saboe, www.croneswood.com
22. Molly Courtright, [link]
22. P L Nunn, [link]
22. Ron Leming, [link]
22. Justyn Perry, [link]
22. Cécile Matthey, [link]
22. Howard Forbes, [link]
22. T.D. McKinney, [link]

Standings for category: artwork

1. Tilly's Tale, Harry Porter/Mandy Hedrick, [link]
2. Would a Kangaraffe Make You Laffe?, Stephen Macquignon, [link]
3. Queen of Kings, Dawné Dominique, [link]
4. Kyrenie Firestorm Raging Glory, Jamin Allen, [link]
5. Shangri-La, Gin Elf, [link]
6. The Colonized Milky Way, Jamin Allen, [link]
6. West Dingleton's Loss of Humanity, Richard H. Fay, [link]
7. Tarth Cityscape - the Nizamrak Building, Jamin Allen, [link]
7. Carpathian Shadows: Volume II, Rob Preece, [link]
7. Just Breeze, Aidana WillowRaven, [link]
8. Dung Beetles are NOT disgusting, Michelle Henninger, [link]
9. A Puppy, Not a Guppy, Ryan Shaw, [link]

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9. I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier, Juanita Campbell, [link]

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9. A New Job for Dilly, Lisa Oakman, [link]

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10. Lemur Groups & Critter Troops, Jones/Shoemaker, [link]
10. Being Jacob: First Day of School, Aidana WillowRaven, [link]
10. Amazon Connection, Carol Henry, [link]
10. Priscilla Holmes, Ace Detective, Diana Navarro, [link]
10. Creatures of Flame, Lee Kuruganti, [link]
10. Soul of a Guardian, Richard Stroud, [link]
11. Temporal Crack, Richard H Fay
11. Christmas Catch, Winterheart Design, [link]
11. The First Miracle, Aidana WillowRaven, [link]
11. Seduction, Jeanmarie Hamilton, [link]
11. Angelic Avenger, Kaye Chambers, [link]
11. Harlan County Horrors, Billy Tackett, [link]
11. Dare to Believe, Tuesday Dube, [link]
11. The Family Jewel, Raina James, [link]
12. Small Town Secrets, Richard Stroud, [link]
12. Christmas Layover, Kaycee Conners, [link]
12. Nasmina's Black Box (J. Brissett), Rhiannon Rose, [link]
12. Gypsy Moon, Brianna Roarke, [link]
12. Noella's Gift , Artist Trisha Fitzgerald , [link]
12. Forbidden Views volume I by Dark Roast Press Authors, Persephone's Pomegranate, [link]
12. Daire Na Scath (Last illustration in the Gallery), Linda Saboe, [link]
12. Heartsong, Artist Trisha Fitzgerald, [link]
12. Tommy Turtle: Exercise Is Fun, Rey Marz, [link]
12. Proto-Imaginist, Billy Tackett, [link]

Standings for category: author

1. C.A.Milson, [link]
2. Brian L. Porter, [link]
3. Joseph S. Spence, Sr, [link]
4. Jim Bernheimer, [link]
5. Nicholas Grabowsky, [link]
6. Anne Patrick, [link]
7. Jack Greene, [link]
8. Terry W. Ervin II, [link]
9. Chelle Cordero, [link]

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10. Karen Michelle Nutt, [link]
10. Cynthia Vespia, [link]
10. Holly Jahangiri, [link]
11. Joseph Spence, Sr, [link]
12. Donna Sundblad, [link]
13. Myrrym Davies, [link]
14. Jay Faulkner, [link]
15. Brenda Hill, [link]
15. Mark Rosendorf, [link]
16. Selena Kitt, [link]
16. Ash Krafton, [link]
17. Linton Robinson, [link]
18. J.R. Lindermuth, [link]
18. Christy Poff, [link]
18. P.S. Gifford, [link]
18. Josh Lanyon, [link]
19. Gina Collia-Suzuki, [link]
19. Vonnie Winslow Crist, [link]
19. Ruth D. Kerce, [link]
19. Destiny Blaine, [link]
19. Emma Hillman, [link]
20. Cat Grant, [link]
20. Molly Wens, [link]
20. Catherine Edmunds, [link]
20. Maryann Paige, [link]
21. Kayelle Allen, [link]
22. Patricia Morrison, [link]
22. T.M. De Vos, [link]
22. K.M. Daughters, [link]
23. Robyn Opie, [link]
23. Jax Cassidy, [link]
23. Angel Zapata, [link]
24. Cia Leah, [link]
24. Lex Valentine, [link]
24. Louise Bohmer, [link]
24. Eric S. Brown, [link]
25. Lynn Romaine, [link]
25. Cindy Bauer, [link]
26. R. F. Long, [link]
26. J.P. Bowie, [link]
26. Cheri Crystal, [link]
26. Harry Porter
26. Catherine Bybee, [link]
26. Gerri Bowen, [link]
26. Liana Laverentz, [link]
26. Lydia Ondrusek, [link]
27. Jessica Coulter Smith, [link]
27. shells Walter, [link]
27. Cierra James, [link]
27. Sherrilyn Kenyon
27. Julie Kimbrell, [link]
27. PD Singer, [link]
27. Lea Schizas, [link]
27. Cassie Exline, [link]
27. Jason Hughes, [link]
28. Marilyn Lee, [link]
28. Raven West, [link]
28. M. Jean Pike, [link]
28. Celina Summers, [link]
29. Susanne Marie Knight, [link]
29. Judith B. Glad, [link]
29. Kelli A. Wilkins, [link]
29. Nalini Singh, [link]
29. Giselle Renarde, [link]
29. Emy Naso, [link]
29. Mitzi Szereto, [link]
29. Rob Parnell, [link]
29. Heather Long, [link]
29. Roxanne Rhoads, [link]
29. Larissa Ione, [link]
29. Natalie Sin, [link]
29. AP Miller, [link]
30. Nicole Zoltack, [link]
30. Alessia Brio, [link]
30. Aaron Polson, [link]
30. Jade Falconer, [link]
30. Linda Rettstatt, [link]
30. Michelle Devon, [link]
30. R.M. Hamilton, [link]
30. Serena Yates, [link]
30. Tymber Dalton, [link]
30. Camille Alexa, [link]
30. Charlie Cochrane, [link]
30. Ann Cory, [link]
30. D. K. Christi, [link]
30. Deborah J Ledford, [link]
30. Kim Smith, [link]
30. Nicole Austin, [link]
30. Syd McGinley, [link]
30. Foery MacDonell, [link]
30. Mary Jean Kelso, [link]
30. Susan Whitfield, [link]
30. Carol Lynne, [link]
30. Lee Rowan, [link]
30. T. Sue VerSteeg, [link]
30. John Jasper Owens, [link]
31. Aggie Villanueva, [link]
31. Catherine J. Gardner, [link]
31. Jude Mason, [link]
31. H.C.Paye, [link]
31. Lissa Matthews, [link]
31. Savannah Chase, [link]
31. Carole Johnstone, [link]
31. Tressie Lockwood, [link]
31. T.C. Blue, [link]
31. Peter M Ball, [link]
31. Terisa Wilcox, [link]
31. Linda Mooney, [link]
31. Cat Kane, [link]
31. Joyce DeBacco, [link]
31. James Cheetham, [link]
31. Elizabeth Black, [link]
31. Trista Ann Michaels, [link]
31. Howard Hopkins, [link]
31. Madeleine Urban, [link]
31. Eliza Gayle, [link]
31. Susan Hanniford Crowley, [link]
31. Garth Von Buchholz, [link]
31. Summer Jordan, [link]
31. Jan Springer, [link]
31. Myristica, [link]
31. Charlotte Dillon, [link]
31. Rebecca J. Vickery, [link]
31. Christine Feehan, [link]
31. Brenna Lyons, [link]
31. Jonathan Pinnock, [link]
31. Cate Masters, [link]
31. Cornelia Amiri, [link]
31. Beth Wylde, [link]
31. Morgan Ashbury, [link]
31. Tamela Quijas, [link]
31. Eliza March, [link]
32. Rita Hestand, [link]
32. T D McKinney & T L Lawrence, [link]
32. Linda Palmer, [link]
32. Mary Robinette Kowal, [link]
32. Edward McKeown, [link]
32. Anya Howard, [link]
32. Maggi Andersen, [link]
32. Michael H. Hanson, [link]
32. Dana Marie Bell, [link]
32. Vivi Andrews, www.viviandrews.com
32. Heather Beck, [link]
32. Sabrann Curach, [link]
32. Kira Chase, [link]
32. Heather S. Ingemar, [link]
32. J. D. Webb, [link]
32. Robert Appleton, [link]
32. D Kai Wilson-Viola, [link]
32. P.A. Brown, [link]
32. Ginger Simpson, [link]
32. Steven Nedelton, [link]
32. Ellen Dye, [link]
32. Bonnie Lea Elliott, [link]
32. charlotte Emma Gledson, [link]
32. LK Hunsaker, [link]
32. Theresa C. Newbill, [link]
32. Donica Covey, [link]
32. Diana DeRicci, [link]
32. Magdalena Ball, [link]
32. Mary Hughes, [link]
32. Cheryl Pierson, [link]
32. Angelica Hart and Zi, [link]
32. Susan K. Droney, [link]
32. Larry Ketchersid, [link]
32. S. J. Day, [link]
32. Alex Brillantes, [link]
32. Ericka Scott, [link]
32. Lesley C. Weston - Pushcart nom, [link]
32. dalton diaz, [link]
32. Mackenzie Drew, http:mackenziedrewnovels.com
32. D. L. King, [link]
32. Tony Rogers, [link]
32. Gary McMahon, [link]
32. Evelyn David, [link]
32. Mark Henry, [link]
32. Joe Vadalma, [link]
32. Kevin Voglino, [link]
32. Michael Embry, [link]
32. Bruce Memblatt, [link]
32. J Alan Erwine, [link]
32. Maggie Dove, [link]
32. Guy Anthony De Marco, [link]
32. Steve Anderson, [link]
32. Zahra Owens, [link]
32. Amber Leigh Williams, [link]
32. Dara Joy, [link]
32. Rick R. Reed, [link]
32. David Kuzminski, [link]
32. N.J. Walters , [link]
32. T. M. Hunter, [link]
32. Jesse Fox , [link]
32. Jaleta Clegg, [link]
32. Gustavo Bondoni, [link]
32. Stevie Woods, [link]
32. Laura Shinn, [link]
32. Amanda Young, [link],org
32. Matthew Haldeman-Time, [link]
32. Tessa Dare, [link]
32. Diana Flori, [link]
32. Janet Elaine Smith, [link]
32. Shelly Laurenston, [link]
32. Fergus Bannon, [link]
32. Stephen D. Rogers, [link]
32. Susan M. Sailors, [link]
32. Billy Burgess, [link]
32. Zoe E. Whitten, [link]
32. Shirley Cheng, Blind Author with Vision, [link]
32. Lookman, [link]
32. Alex Beecroft, [link]

Standings for category: bookart

1. Amazon Connection, Nicola Martinez, [link]
2. Among the Living, Jodi Lee, https://www.createspace.com/3390458
3. The Y Factor, Darrell Osborn, [link]
4. A Chaunce of Riches, Kimberlee Williams, [link]
5. Kelland, V.L. Ta, [link]
6. Dead Souls, Reece Notley, [link]
7. Flank Hawk, Terry W. Ervin II, [link]
8. Just Breeze, Beverly Stowe McClure, [link]
9. Bite This, Jerrod Brown, [link]

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10. Small Poisons, Catherine Edmunds, [link]
11. Cemetery Gates, Martin Rowe, [link]
11. Xylon Warriors IV: Ecstasy Bound, Ruth D. Kerce, [link]
11. Convent of the Pure, Sara M Harvey, [link]
12. Crystal Clear - Third in the Memory Box Trilogy, Cindy Bauer, [link]
12. Surrender Love, Anne Cain, [link]
13. Demon Hunter: Chosen One, Valerie Tibbs, [link]
13. A Puppy, Not a Guppy, Ryan Shaw, [link]
13. Sideshow by the Sea, Vonnie Winslow Crist, [link]
14. A New Day, Jeannine Van Eperen, [link]
14. 10:15, Dawné Dominique, [link]
14. Lone Wolf, Teresa D'Amario, [link]
15. Ghost Orchid, D. K. Christi, [link]
15. Queen of Kings, Dawné Dominique, [link]
15. Spell of Appalachia, Joey Walnuts, [link]
15. Burnout, Darrell Osborn
16. Seventh Heaven, Nicola Martinez, [link]
16. Lone Star Trouble, Autumn Piper, [link]
16. Change of Heart, Mary Calmes, [link]
17. A LOOK INTO THE MIRROR DARKLY, Cinsearae Santiago, [link]
17. Nightmares and Daydreams, Barbara Watkins, [link]
17. The basingstoke Chronicles, Judith B. Glad, [link]
17. Prime Evil, Heather Long, [link]
18. Doorman's Creek, ETreasures Publishing, [link]
18. Mystic Signals 2, Lee Kruuganti, [link]
18. Along Came A Fifer, R. Michael Phillips, [link]
18. Mistletoe Rules, Nicola Martinez, [link]
18. The Cure, Antoine Maurice Devine, [link]
18. Like Coffee and Doughnuts, Renee Rocco, [link]
18. Grants Pass, Reece Notley, [link]
18. Soul of a Guardian, Angela Verdenius, [link]
19. Serendipity House, Valerie Tibbs, [link]
19. The Tale of the Vampire Bride, Sean Detra, https://www.createspace.com/3405740
19. Time Plains Drifter, Jessica Pierson, [link]
19. Dare to Believe, Dana Marie Bell, [link]
19. Tempting Grace, Anne Rainey, [link]
19. Faithless, Jessica Lucero, [link]
19. Mystic Investigators, Patrick Thomas, [link]
20. Transforming Realities, E.J. Mickels II, [link]
20. Checkmate, Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna, [link]
20. Dragon's Clause, Crystalwizard, [link]
20. Paging Miss Galloway, Susanne Knight, [link]
20. Blue Ruin 4: Need You Tonight, P.L. Nunn, [link]
20. Kate of Kratos, Amanda Kelsey, [link]
20. Hemovore, Kanaxa, [link]
20. Demon Hunter: Seek & Destroy, Valerie Tibbs, [link]
20. hush hush, Becca Fitzpatrick, [link]
20. 36 Exposures, Linda Mooney, [link]
20. Seduction, Jeanmarie Hamilton, [link]
20. Time Currents, Brenna Lyons, [link]
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19. The Spider in You, Sean Markey, Strange Horizons, [link]
19. An Unkindess of Ravens, Stephanie Gunn, Morrigan Books, [link]

Standings for category: writerforum

1. Edittorrent, [link]
2. Romance Divas, [link]
3. Published Authors, [link]
4. Cold Coffee, [link]
5. Published Authors Network, [link]
6. Writers' Beat, [link]
7. Accentuate Writers Forum, [link]
8. Absolute Write Forum, [link]
9. Writing.com, [link]

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10. Manic Network The Author/Illustrator Network, [link]
11. Coffee TIme Romance & More, [link]
12. Just Another Paranormal Monday, [link]
13. Cafe Doom, [link]
14. Writingforums.org, [link]
15. Book Marketing Network, [link]
16. SFReader forums, [link]
17. Muse Conference Yahoo Group, [link]
17. Writer's Voice, [link]
18. Literotica Author's Hangout, [link]
19. Query Tracker, [link]
19. New Writing Media, [link]
20. EditorUnleashed, [link]
21. The Writer's Chatroom, [link]
22. Toasted Cheese, [link]
22. The Writers Cafe, [link]
22. The Corner Bar, [link]
22. Aphelion, [link]
23. Authors By Design, [link]
23. Erotica Readers and Writers Association, [link]
23. Independent Writer's Network, [link]
23. The Easy Way to Write Rob Parnell Robyn Opie, [link]
23. RWC - Romance Writers' Community, [link]
23. SFF.net, [link]
24. Poet Sanctuary, [link]
24. Fantasy-writers.org, [link]
24. Backspace, [link]
24. Stuck On My Story, [link]
24. Writer Circle, [link]

Standings for category: writerinfo

1. Pass It On, [link]
2. Easy Way to Write, [link]
3. Rob Parnell, [link]
4. The easy way to write
5. Writer2Writer.com, [link]
6. Visual Arts Junction, [link]
6. Lee Lofland's The Graveyard Shift / There are no perfect crimes, merely imperfect investigations, [link]
7. The Muse Online Writers Conference, [link]
8. JimandZetta.com, [link]
9. The Easy to Way to Write, [link]

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10. East way to write, [link]
10. Romance Divas, [link]
11. Duotrope's Digest, [link]
12. Choate Road, [link]
13. Coffee Time Romance & More, [link]
14. Writing.Com, [link]
15. Duotrope, [link]
15. Accentuate Author Services, [link]
15. Ralan's Webstravaganza, [link]
16. Author Resources by Cindy, [link]
16. Absolute Write, [link]
16. Writing Children's Books with Robyn Opie, [link]
16. A writer goes on a journey, [link]
17. The Writers Circle, [link]
17. Fiction Factor, [link]
17. EPIC -Electronically Published Internet Connection, [link]
18. Charlotte Dillon's Resources for Romance Writers, [link]
18. Writer's Chatroom, [link]
19. The Passionate Pen, [link]
19. Jackie Hosking, [link]
19. Writing-World.com, [link]
20. Forward Motion, [link]
20. Marketing for Romance Writers, [link]
21. How to think Sideways, [link]
21. Pub Rants, [link]
21. Literary-forensics.com, [link]
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21. Wednesday Links, [link]
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22. Print-on-Demand Database, [link]
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22. Pod of Horror, [link]
22. Michael Senoff, [link]

Standings for category: writerws

1. Young Writers Online, [link]
2. The Muse Online Writers Conference, [link]
3. Avoid Writer's Hell, [link]
4. From the Heart Romance Writers Online Workshops, [link]
5. Teenage Writers, [link]
6. the writing bridge, [link]
7. Critters Writers Workshop, [link]
8. Young Writers Society, [link]
9. Romance Divas, [link]

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9. Romance Divas Workshops, [link]

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10. Coffee Time Romance & More, [link]
11. The Writer's Chatroom, [link]
11. The Online Writing Workshop (OWW), [link]
12. Marketing for Romance Writers, [link]
12. Mike's Writing Workshop, [link]
12. Dreaming in Ink, [link]
13. Kiss of Death - COFFIN classes, [link]
14. Poet Sanctuary, [link]
14. BSFA Orbiter
14. Desdmona's Fish Tank, [link]
14. Writers Village University, [link]
14. North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop, [link]
14. SFReader, [link]
14. Internet Writing Workshop, [link]
14. MAD about Words, [link]
14. Scribophile, [link]
14. Fantasy-writers.org, http:/www./fantasy-writers.org

Standings for category: zineart

1. DARK GOTHIC RESURRECTED MAGAZINE, Cinsearae Santiago, [link]
2. Three Crow Press, Reece Notley, [link]
3. Future Fire, The, #16 (Galatea's Stepchildren), Rachel H. White, [link]
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7. Dark Gothic Resurrected, Cinsarea Santiago, [link]
8. Sonar4 Ezine Aug 2009 Cover Art, Richard Cook, [link]
9. Abandoned Towers #3, Richard H. Fay, [link]

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10. Abandoned Towers #4, M. D. Jackson, [link]
10. Shock Totem, Robert Hoyem, [link]
11. Fear & Trembling - 'Mr. Ignat - Ghoul', E.J. Mickels II, [link]
11. A Cheeky Changeling, Changeling Press, [link]
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11. A Leviathan Ascendant, Richard H Fay
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13. Black Gate #13, Malcolm McClinton, [link]
13. Talisman (June cover, MindFlights magazine), Christine Griffin, [link]
13. Jupiter Issue #25, Daniel Bristow-Bailey, [link]

Standings for category: zineeditor

1. Jackie Hosking, [link]
2. Pamela Tyree Griffin, [link]
3. Cheryl Wright (Writer to Writer), [link]
4. Sean Meriwether, [link]
5. Shirley Allard, [link]
7. Reece Notley, [link],threecrowpress.com
8. Cindy Rosmus, [link]
9. Jay Faulkner, [link]

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10. Jake Freivald, [link]
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11. Myrrym Davies, [link]
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23. DArk Gothic Resurrected Magazine, [link]


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