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Check out Books by Critters for books by your fellow Critterfolk, as well as my list of recommended books for writers.

The Sigil Trilogy

If you're looking for an amazing, WOW! science fiction story, check out THE SIGIL TRILOGY. This is — literally — one of the best science fiction novels I've ever read.

New Book from a Critter Member

**NOW IN PRINT EDITION TOO!** Awesome new book, HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SPECULATIVE FICTION OPENINGS, from a Critter member who's unearthed a shard of The Secret to becoming a pro writer. Really good piece of work. "...if you're at all concerned about story openings, you'd be nuts not to read what Qualkinbush has to say." —Wil McCarthy, author of BLOOM and THE COLLAPSIUM


I was interviewed live on public radio for Critters' birthday, for those who want to listen.

Free Web Sites

Free web sites for authors (and others) are available at www.nyx.net.

ReAnimus Acquires Advent!

ReAnimus Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of the legendary Advent Publishers! Advent is now a subsidiary of ReAnimus Press, and we will continue to publish Advent's titles under the Advent name. Advent was founded in 1956 by Earl Kemp and others, and has published the likes of James Blish, Hal Clement, Robert Heinlein, Damon Knight, E.E. "Doc" Smith, and many others. Advent's high quality titles have won and been finalists for several Hugo Awards, such as The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Heinlein's Children. Watch this space for ebook and print editions of all of Advent's current titles!

Book Recommendation

THE SIGIL TRILOGY: The universe is dying from within... "Great stuff... Really enjoyed it." — SFWA Grandmaster Michael Moorcock

Announcing ReAnimus Press

If you're looking for great stuff to read from bestselling and award-winning authors—look no further! ReAnimus Press was founded by your very own Critter Captain. (And with a 12% Affiliate program.) [More]








Preditors & Editors Poll results

Preditors & Editors Poll results

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Standings for Erotica Novels

1. Subspecies, Inc., Mike Arsuaga, MuseIt Hot Publishing, [link][comments]

2. Shifting Hearts, Dominique Eastwick, Musa Publishing, [link]
3. Celestial Sin, Bianca Swan, The Wild Rose Press, [link][comments]
4. she rides, elle laudan, [link]
5. The Cum Queen, Philip Kramer, Solstice At Night, [link][comments]
6. Beyond the Looking Glass Darkly, AP Miller, Rebel Ink [comments]
6. The Form of Eternity, Chiloh Darke, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, [link][comments]
7. We'll Meet Again, E. Jamie, Noble Romance Publishing, [link][comments]
8. Internet Bonds #10: Eden's Pleasures, Christy Poff, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, [link]
8. Craving Lady Starr, Ruth D. Kerce, Ellora's Cave, [link]
9. Leah's Long Lens, Bridy McAvoy, Bluewood Publishing, [link][comments]
10. Send Her to Me, Ronna Gage, Siren Publishing, [link][comments]
10. Anna Doubles Down, Missy Martine, Siren/Bookstrand, [link]
10. Possess Me, R.G. Alexander, Berkley, [link][comments]
10. Poisonous Apples, Moctezuma Johnson, Girls Carrying Books, [link][comments]

11. Trigon Rituals III: Dominance Fury, Angelia Whiting, New Concepts Publishing, [link][comments]
11. Just the Right Amount of Wrong, Cate Masters, Amazon, [link]
12. Equilibrium, Meredith Shayne, Dreamspinner Press, [link][comments]
12. The Interview, Master of Subservience , Kayden McLeod, New Dawning International Bookfair, [link]
13. The Closer You Get, L. A. Witt, Samhain Publishing, [link]
13. Shakin' It For Daddy, Tigra-Luna LeMar, MuseItUp Publishing, [link]
13. Suc-U, L.J. Holmes, Muse It Hot, [link]
13. Anonymous, Giselle Renarde, Amber Heat, [link]
13. Collide, Megan Hart, Harlequin Spice, [link]
13. Lair of the Jaguar God, Marie Dees, Liquid Silver Books, www.liquidsilverbooks.com/books/lairofthejaguargod.htm
13. Sweet Chocolate's First Taste, Richard Burns, Muse it Hot Publishing, [link][comments]
14. Hard as Teak, Margie Church, Noble Romance, [link]
14. Green Apple Colic, Ken Rossal, Dark Roast Press, [link][comments]
14. Brawn, Laurann Dohner, Elloras Cave
14. RSC: Bayou Dreams, Lynn Lorenz, Loose Id, [link]
14. Stoneface, Tymber Dalton, Siren-BookStrand, [link]
14. Awakening, Scarelett Valentine, Tirgearr Publishing, [link]
14. Four Play, C. Margery Kempe, Women's League of Ale Drinkers, [link][comments]
14. Amongst the Ruins, Saewod Tice, Noble Young Adult, [link][comments]
15. Cowgirl's Christmas, Patricia Bates, Beachwalk Press, [link]
15. Hidden Desires, Ellen Lewis, Eternal Press, [link]
15. Deadly Captive, Bianca Sommerland, Noble Romance Publishing, LLC, [link]
15. Honored Vow, Mary Calmes, Dreamspinner Press, [link]
15. Stolen Rapture, Denysé Bridger, New Dawning Book Fair, [link]
16. Uncertainly Yours, Fran Lee, Ellora's Cave, [link]
16. Light Switch, Lauren Gallagher, Carnal Passions, [link]
16. In Her Bed, Jan Springer, Siren BookStrand, [link]
16. Memoirs of a Mombasa Gigolo, Krishna Washburn, Trafford, [link]
16. Time to Live, H.C. Brown, Noble Romance, [link]
16. The Pet Shop, KD Grace, Xcite, [link]
16. Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures with a Delivery Man, Kay Jaybee, OC Press, [link]
16. Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On, Giselle Renarde, eXcessica, [link]
16. Awakenings: Cozumel, Mexico, Mark Casigh, Eternal Press, [link][comments]

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