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Critters / is once again happy to host the annual P&E Readers Poll. Good luck to all entrants!

The poll opens Dec. 24 this year (through Jan. 10).

While you're waiting, check out the Best Ever Written Readers' Poll (ongoing).


[Prior years' final tallies are here]

Welcome to the
Preditors & Editors™
Readers' Poll
Voting Page

The Preditors & Editors™ Readers' Poll honors print & electronic publications published during 2010. Click here for the official rules.


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Entries for each category are listed in alphabetical order. Add a new entry using the row at the bottom.
(Please check your vote for accuracy before submitting, as we regret we cannot fix typos! You may report errors here but generally only errors affecting the scores will be dealt with, after the voting ends.)

New!New category this year: 'Promotional Firms, Sites, and Resources', for companies that do promotional work for authors, are sites where authors can promote their work, or offer resources for same.

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Book/e-book Cover Artwork published in 2010...

A Dirty Way To DieJ. Douglas Knauer (Artist: Nathalie Moore) Echelon Press[link][comments]
A Tangled Webhttp://
An Aspen Grove ChristmasMelissa Summers[link]
Angel's ShareClare Austin (Rae Monet, artist) The Wild Rose Presshttp[link][comments]
Annie and the RipperGreg Smallwood[link][comments]
Ante MortemBelfire Press[link]
Apocalypse and Satan's Glory HoleDan Galli[link]
Ashes in Her EyesAlan Spencer (artist Darren James)[link]
Bachelorette: Zombie EditionCreations by Kendra[link]

Beacon BayouCarl Franklin[link]
Beck and CallAbby Gordon (artist - Angela Anderson)[link]
BloodlinesJessica Lee (Justyn Perry - artist)[link]
Bonded By Blood 3SNM Horror Anthology[link][comments]
BrushfiresDavid C. Kopaska-Merkel (Richard H. Fay - artist)[link]
Cape SeductionAnne Carter (Nathalie Moore - artist)[link]
Chalan's StoryKissa Starling (Shirley Burnett- artist)[link]
Chantilly LaceLynnette Hallberg[link]
CorruptorJason Cordova (Darrell Osborn - Artist)[link]
Cover MeL. A. Witt[link]
CthulhuroticaOliver Wetter[link]
CthulhuroticaOliver Wetter[link]
Dark ReckoningJ.E. Taylor (Willsin Rowe artist)[link]
Dead PracticesSonar4 Publications(Jerrod Brown Artist)[link]
Demonic PersuasionMahaliaLEvey Artist Tuesday Dube/Publisher LiquidSilver Books[link]
Demons: A Clash of SteelJohnney Perkins (Rogue Blades Entertainment)[link]
Destiny SetsLaura Shin[link][comments]
Destiny's DreamDelia Latham (Nicola Martinez artist)[link]
Diamond AssetsRuth D. Kerce (artist - Syneca)[link]
Eel's ReverenceMarian Allen (artist-Nathalie Moore)[link]
ErekosA.M. Tuomala (Rhiannon Griffiths, artist)[link]
Forever TravelsShelagh Watkins (photographs: Ben Marten)[link][comments]
GeistPhilippa Ballantine[link]
Ghostly PassionsDelilah K. Stephans (Author & Artist[link]
HauntedHeather Beck (author and artist)[link]
Hearts SurrenderNicola Martinez[link]
Home for the FriendlessBetty Auchard[link][comments]
Kismet's AngelKatherine Brandon (Tamra Westberry, artist)[link][comments]
Latin RhythmTess MacKall (artist-Winterheart Design)[link]
Life Death and BackCynthia Vespia (Art by OC Creations)[link]
Love ImmortalReese Dante[link]
Love, Heart & Soul MomentsAngela Verdenius (artist Richard Stroud)[link]
Madness and MurderNathalie Moore[link][comments]
Major League BrideKathleen ockwood[link][comments]
Mrs. Bright's Tea RoomSusan Hanniford Crowley (Artist: Stella Price)[link][comments]
Murder is a Family BusinessDelilah K. Stephans (artist)[link]
Mythic MemoriesTrent Westbrook (Rogue Blades Entertainment)[link]
Of Swords and Sorceryhttp://
Particular FriendsArtist: Natalia Pierandrei (Writer: Camille Alexa)[link]
Perfect ScoreSusan Roebuck[link]
Red Penny Papershttp://[comments]
Reflections On My Warbrightling Spur (artist)[link]
Rigor AmortisRobert Nixon[link]
SamhaneDaniel I. Russell (Patrick McWhorter artist)[link][comments]
ShadowsBrenda Huber(The Wild Rose Press)[link]
ShadowsBrenda Huber[link]
SheWolfFreya's Bower[link][comments]
SHOT TO DEATHStephen D. Rogers[link]
Silent VowsCatherine Bybee[link]
Solitude & Sea GlassMcKinney/Wylis (Artist: Trace Edward Zaber)[link]
Something From the AtticJessy Marie Roberts[link]
Soul BornDark Quest Books (artist: Dan Dos Santos)[link]
Splendid CaptivityBrita Addams (Reese Dante artist)[link]
Spoils of WarKari Gregg (Fiona Jayde)[link]
State of SuccessesElysabeth Eldering (artist - Heather Paye)[link]
Stolen4RV Publishing (Aidana WillowRaven - artist)[link]
SunstrokedLex Valentine (artist Winterheart Design)[link]
Taste of PassionSavannah Chase (Justin James artist)[link][comments]
The BloomingTonia Brown[link]
The Dream MasterMaggie Nash (April Martinez - cover artist)[link][comments]
The HungarianStephanie Burkhart (Jenifier Ranieri artist)[link][comments]
The Last VampireKathryn Meyer Griffith (artist Dawné Dominique)[link][comments]
The Lost WitchUncial Press/design by Judith B. Glad[link]
The Music of the NightAmanda Ashley (artist Laura Shinn)[link][comments]
THE PEOPLE IN YONDERTroy D. Smith (artist JESSICA PIERSON)[link][comments]
The PhoenixAuthor: Ruth Sims, ARTIST, Alex Beecroft[link]
The prophecy of the KingsDavid Burrows[link]
The Sullen SlayerChristopher Craven (Artist: Carl Franklin)[link][comments]
The Woman in CrimsonKathryn Meyer Griffith[link]
The Wrong GuyNathalie Moore[link][comments]
TimelinesNorthern Frights Publishing[link]
To Sin with ScandalTamara Gill (Artist: Fiona Jayde) Noble Romance Publishing, LLC[link]
Ultimate DutyMarva Dasef (Ally Robinson-artist)[link]
Winter's SoulPatricia Harrington[link]
WolfstrapMaryann Paige (MARTIN ROWE-artist)[link]
~~Title not listed: by: URL:

(Please check your vote for accuracy before submitting, as we regret we cannot fix typos. You may report errors here but generally only errors affecting the scores will be dealt with, after the voting ends.)

This P&E voting site is operated by Andrew Burt

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