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Check out Books by Critters for books by your fellow Critterfolk, as well as my list of recommended books for writers.

The Sigil Trilogy

If you're looking for an amazing, WOW! science fiction story, check out THE SIGIL TRILOGY. This is — literally — one of the best science fiction novels I've ever read.

How to Write SF

The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells by Ben Bova, best-selling author and six-time Hugo Award winner for Best Editor. (This is one of the books your ol' Critter Captain learned from himself, and I highly recommend it.) (Also via Amazon)


I was interviewed live on public radio for Critters' birthday, for those who want to listen.

Free Web Sites

Free web sites for authors (and others) are available at www.nyx.net.

ReAnimus Acquires Advent!

ReAnimus Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of the legendary Advent Publishers! Advent is now a subsidiary of ReAnimus Press, and we will continue to publish Advent's titles under the Advent name. Advent was founded in 1956 by Earl Kemp and others, and has published the likes of James Blish, Hal Clement, Robert Heinlein, Damon Knight, E.E. "Doc" Smith, and many others. Advent's high quality titles have won and been finalists for several Hugo Awards, such as The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Heinlein's Children. Watch this space for ebook and print editions of all of Advent's current titles!

Book Recommendation

THE SIGIL TRILOGY: The universe is dying from within... "Great stuff... Really enjoyed it." — SFWA Grandmaster Michael Moorcock

Announcing ReAnimus Press

If you're looking for great stuff to read from bestselling and award-winning authors—look no further! ReAnimus Press was founded by your very own Critter Captain. (And with a 12% Affiliate program.) [More]








Preditors & Editors Poll results

Preditors & Editors Poll results

2008 Official Results

[Category list]

Standings for category: Poems

1. The White Doe of Nara, Joshua Gage, Goblin Fruit, http://www.goblinfruit.net/summer08/whitedoenara.html
2. The Little Red Sock, Arnot McCallum, Stories for Children Magazine, http://storiesforchildrenmagazine.org/TheLittleRedSockPoem.aspx
3. Pairs of Poems, F.I. Goldhaber, Uncial Press, http://www.uncialpress.com/books/pairsofp/pairsofp.html
4. Autumn Craft, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, 14by14, http://http://www.14by14.com/Issue7/AutumnCraft.html
5. A Lover's Cocktail, Emma Keatley, Romance At Heart Publications, http://rahpubs.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=66
6. All Hallows Eve, P.S. Gifford, Broken Sea, http://brokensea.com
7. you think, Annette Marie Hyder, Empowerment4Women, http://empowerment4women.com/arts/fiction_&_poetry/you_think/
7. Poem for a Bar I May Have Frequented in My Youth..., Matt Betts, OG's Speculative Fiction Magazine, http://www.theopinionguy.com/index.html
8. everybody's hero, Alessia Brio, (self), http://implexity.blogspot.com/2008/06/everybodys-hero.html
8. An Empty Stage, Kathy Stemke, Abandoned Towers, http://http://cyberwizardproductions.com/AbandonedTowers/
9. The Agony of Teasing, Brenna Lyons, Phaze, http://www.king-cart.com/Phaze/product=Phaze+in+Verse+by+Phaze+Authors
10. Corpse-Candles, Richard H. Fay, Niteblade, http://www.niteblade.com/june-2008/corpse-candles.htm

11. A twinkle of time, peggy le johnson, staticmovement, http://www.staticmovement.com/PoembyPeggy.htm
12. Subtlety, Lucy A. Snyder, GUD Magazine, http://www.gudmagazine.com/vault/2/Subtlety
12. The Minstrel Addresses Her Audience - Six Ways of Looking at a Hero, Megan Arkenberg, Mindflights, http://mindflights.com/item.php?sub_id=4667
12. The Dragon, Pamela K. Kinney, Inspiring the Muse by Chesterfield Writers Club, http://www.lulu.com/content/5535474
13. Searching, Mari Ness, Polu Texni, http://www.polutexni.com/?p=310
13. Helen Agonistes, Kate Bernadette Benedict, kaleidowhirl, http://home.alltel.net/ellablue/benedict3.html
13. Torment, Mark A. Mihalko, The Ashen Eye, http://www.ashen-eye.com/2008/05/09/mark-a-mihalko/
13. School Uniform, Jonathan Pinnock, Every Day Poets, http://www.everydaypoets.com/school-uniform-by-jonathan-pinnock/
14. Once upon a Monster, Brian Rosenberger, Bards and Sages, http://www.bardsandsages.com/quill.html
14. Sidewinder, Melaine Ryther, Stories for Children Magazine, http://storiesforchildrenmagazine.org/Sidewinder_snake.aspx
14. Catacombs and Photographs, Grim Trixter, Apex Book Company, http://www.apexbookcompany.com
15. Repeat Broadcast, Giselle Renarde, Oysters & Chocolate, http://www.oystersandchocolate.com/Poetry/1510/RepeatBroadcast.aspx
15. Escaping the Night, John Pupo, The Shine Journal, http://www.theshinejournal.com/pupojohn.htm
15. This Christmas Thing, Rita Hestand, Author's Den, http://www.autahorsden.com/ritahestand
15. Drought-Driven, Karen L. Newman, The Pedestal Magazine, http://www.thepedestalmagazine.com/gallery.php?item=2897
16. Poem of Warning, Pamela K. Kinney, self, http://pamelakkinney.blogspot.com/2008/10/poem-of-warning.html
16. Bound for Hell, Thom Olausson, Demonic Tome, http://www.demonictome.com/Jan09.pdf
16. To Charles Bukowski, C. E. Chaffin, Autumn Sky Poetry, http://www.autumnskypoetry.com/number11/C.E._Chaffin.html
16. By Dawn's Early Light, Pamela Tyree Griffin, Boston Literary Magazine, http://www.bostonliterarymagazine.com/
17. The Sea, Christian Ward, Ballard Street Poetry Journal, http://http://www.ballardstreetpoetryjournal.com/
17. Love Solstice, R Jay Slais, Barnwood, http://web.mac.com/tomkoontz/Site_18/Slais.html
17. Optometrist, Vince Corvaia, Apple Valley Review, http://www.leahbrowning.net/Apple/Fall_2008/Vince_Corvaia.html
17. The Fairy Tale Wife, Corey Mesler, Goblin Fruit, http://
17. If you see a seahorse, Julie Murphy, Author's Den, http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewpoetry.asp?id=207712
17. Jack Kerouac Blues, Mikael Covey, Hemingway's Shotgun, http://hemingwaysshotgun.wordpress.com/2008/04/04/jack-kerouac-blues-by-mikael-covey/
17. Three Abundance, Kathryn Magendie, The Rose & Thorn Literary e-zine, http://www.theroseandthornezine.com/Summer08/Abundance.html
17. A walk after dinner on a cool August Evening, Somerville, Ma, Timothy Gager, decomP, http://www.decompmagazine.com/december2008poetry.htm#timothygager
17. A Little Piece Of Your Life, Ian Hunter, British Fantasy Society, http://www.britishfantasysociety.org/
17. Bridge Across the Atlantic (published in Irish Roads (2008), Loretta A. Murphy, PublishAmerica, http://www.freewebs.com/lorettamurphy/irishroads.htm
17. Some Random Hero, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Strange Horizons, http://www.strangehorizons.com/2008/20080623/tentchoff-m.shtml
17. Writ, Catherine Chandler, The Chimaera, http://www.the-chimaera.com/May2008/Poems/Chandler.html
17. Dark Flow, Francis W. Alexander, Abyss & Apex, http://www.abyssandapex.com/200810-dark.html
17. Mohegan Bluffs, Jeanpaul Ferro, Providence Journal, http://www.projo.com/books/content/artsun-Jan-poem_01-27-08_RJ7U2QG_v13.c3b7b4.html


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