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The Preditors & Editors / Critters Best Ever Readers' Poll honors the best works ever published and their creators. Vote for your favorites!

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18.0262 The Dark is Rising sequenceSusan CooperO
27.8723 His Dark MaterialsPhilip PullmanO
37.5961 The Everworld SeriesK.A. ApplegateO
47.2604 Howl's Moving CastleDiana Wynne JonesS1
56.6485 The Neverending StoryMichael Ende
66.3723 The Book ThiefMarkus Zusak
76.0485 The Last UnicornPeter S. Beagle
85.5262 The Old Kingdom SeriesGarth NixO
95.3723 Lioness RampantTamora Pierce
105.0455 A Series of Unfortunate EventsLemony SnicketC
114.8449 TwilightStephenie MeyerS1
124.7053 BeautyRobin McKinley
134.5262 LeviathanScott WesterfeldS1
143.5262 The Chronicles of PrydainLloyd AlexanderO
15-0.4041 The Westmark TrilogyLloyd AlexanderO
16-1.4041 The Amazing VacationDan Wickenden
16-1.4041 Gallagher GirlsAlly CarterO
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