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Comments for: Sam Bellotto Jr.

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Sam revived 'Perihelion' in 2012. It began as a print magazine in the late 1960s, when Sam was in college. Back then, he published Dean Koontz before Koontz was a household name. Vaughn Bode and David R. Bunch, too. Today the ezine continues to feature top-notch stories, articles, comics, reviews, and more. Sam and his minions deliver a new issue on the 12th of every month. Quite an accomplishment, Sam!

Sam Bellotto Jr. has returned to his magazine editorial roots much to the delight of the sci-fi community!

good selection of stories

Love it, free SF!

When it comes to 'real' Science Fiction, Sam is one of the best around.

Sam Bellotto is the most responsive and caring editor I've ever worked with.

Free Science Fiction online is great! Cover art, comics, short stories, science essays, book/movie/game reviews and more, professionally vetted and edited by Sam Bellotto Jr, retired from a journalism career in Manhattan. Perihelion is a high quality publication that pays contributors.

Sam is a longtime great and faithful friend of science fiction and deserves recognition!

Perihelion is an up and coming science fiction magazine with exciting stories. The editor, Sam Bellotto, shines.

Sam is and has always been a lover of science fiction and an outstanding editor, who has been the driving force of Perihelion since its inception, back in the 60's. He has now resurrected the magazine and under bis direction, it is well on its way to surpassing its former glory.

His tastes align with mine when it comes to fiction.

Sam rejects stories by giving you a good reason and pays promptly when it's due to be published. The stories he puts in Perihelion SF are of good quality.

One of the best editors for turnarounds and contract payment!

An editor who reads the submissions.

My favorite editor--Sam puts together a fresh new ezine every month with original short stories, cover art, comics, essays, reviews and more. He is a one-man publishing house, assembling a professional magazine (ezine) on his home computer, along with support from staff members and contributions from professionals in science and science fiction. Great work, Sam!

Sam Bellotto Jr. edited a few stories that I had published in Perihelion - and rejected as many, so he has standards. At times he gave me advice to improve a story, but it was concise and focused, i.e., he did not waste our time trying to rewrite a sow's ear into a silk purse. And communicating with him is both pleasant and concise and fast. So he has my vote.

Sam Bellotto gives excellent feedback on stories. He helped improve (and then accepted) my first paid short story.

Sam is an excellent editor: his feedback is thoughtful and his response time is great. He runs a good mag!

A great contributor to the science/science fiction community!

Sam Bellotto is best, most responsive editor working in the free e-zine field.

Approachable, friendly editor who always stays in touch through the process.

Sam and Eric Jones created Perihelion in college, 1967-69, publishing then-unknown Dean Koontz and Vaughn Bode, interviewing Asimov, then resurrecting the magazine in his retirement years. At 70, Sam suffered two emergency hospitalizations and his computer crashed, but he persists, and Perihelion is still going strong. #Survivor!

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