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Comments for: A Very Sticky Christmas, Chuck Hawley, Sticky the Kitty LLC

The comments below are from those who voted for this entry. (To add a comment, visit the voting page and vote for this entry.)

The story and illustrations are a joy for all ages.

The story and the artwork are awesome!!!

It promotes hope and kindness as we all should.

Down to earth people. Does great thing with the proceeds from these books. Saves animals. Love reading Sticky books.

I've followed Sticky since he was Rescued.

Everyone of Chuck Hawley’s books have a message in them and are easy to understand. Kids love them, adults love them. They are written with kindness & compassion!

I love the life lessons that Chuck writes in his stories while making them fun to read with kids.

I ordered 3 bundles of the Sticky saga for 3 grandkids this year. They all loved the books so much as well as the stuffie character that came with the books. The moral values Chuck instills in the stories are uplifting and current to the world we live in. I look forward to future Sticky books.

Love this kitty & all his stories!

Wholesome storytelling!

What Chuck did for Sticky was an act of great kindness!

Sticky is a real-life rescued hero Cat. He makes kids smile and he is a brave but gentle pussycat.


Chuck Hawley's books about Sticky are fun and wonderful!

This is the best ever!!

This is a positive message to both young and old.

A very sticky Christmas is amazing!

Author reflected in his writings the true essence of Christmas...to give to others less fortunate, to consider needs of others more than wants/desires of self. The book has brought forth this message in a gentle direct way that both child and adult can comprehend.

The kitty is cute and love the proceeds going to help other animals!

Sticky the Kitty books teach children so much. Perseverance, acceptance, and kindness.

Sticky is the best.

Sticky and his people are so inspirational.

Awesome happy book!

Sticky was treated so badly and he was found and saved.

Love Sticky!!!

He inspires children (and adults) through his insightful words regarding inclusion, acceptance and love.

Good luck Chuck and Sticky - What a fantastic book - understandable why so many children and adults love it 😊


Such a great collection of books

Such a great collection of books

This story is not only super cute, but it's true... To add an even better twist, the story continues to help other pets and kids!!!

I have been a follower and supporter of Sticky Kitty since his rescue and I love the wonderful message and work they do.

Sticky the kitty is special and deserves to be famous after his ordeal when he was a little kitty

My children and I just love reading about sticky the kitty’s adventures, so funny but also heartwarming. Such a great author

The books are so interesting to children

Love this author and his books! He is one of the kindest people that I have ever met and he is always donating his books to schools! He loves animals and is always helping them in some way!

I am human.

I am human.

An amazing human, writing wonderful books about important topics for awesome people and is raising money for some incredible causes 💜

Great book from a person with a big heart

Chuck Hawley and his family are very special people. Aside from rescuing Sticky from certain death, they are helping others in need...humans and animals, and the books are adorable! I ordered Sticky books for my grandson for Christmas, and Chuck threw in the coloring books and crayons... as a surprise. The Hawley’s are very deserving of this award!


Love 💘 😻

Such a heartwarming story! My grandchildren love it!!!

Chuck Hawley and his sweet kitty Sticky have spread the message of kindness all over the world. They're amazing!

This book just brings so much joy to my heart. Sticky has an amazing story!

I love sticky

I have been following Sticky the Kitty since he was rescued. He's my hero!

We love sticky the kitty!

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