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F - Fantasy
HI - Historical
IP - Interpersonal fiction
S - Science Fiction
SO - Social fiction
T - Thriller
W - Western

Book scores people have contributed are below. (What are IP Scores?) Books are listed in order from least "relationshippy" to most. Scores for my original article are the ones listed as 'aburt'; others were contributed later by readers. Genres are given as how the reader thought best suited the story itself, not based on where it would be shelved.

Enter your own scores here. (Just takes a minute or two a book.)

If you see anything suspicious in the data, please contact aburt.

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Score Genre Title Author Added by
3.67 S Starhawk: Planet America Mack Maloney aburt
3.67 S The Fires of Coventry Rick Shelley aburt
5.00 S Revelation Space Alastair Reynolds aburt
5.50 S Lunar Descent Allen Steele aburt
6.50 S First Landing Robert Zubrin aburt
7.33 S The Lost World Michael Crichton aburt
8.50 F Swell Foop Piers Anthony aburt
9.17 S Hopscotch Kevin J. Anderson aburt
9.17 S Maelstrom Peter Watts aburt
9.17 S Angelmass Timothy Zahn aburt
11.00 S Second Foundation [c] Isaac Asimov aburt
11.00 S Murphy's Gambit Syne Mitchell aburt
12.00 S The Precipice Ben Bova aburt
12.47 S Doomsday Book [c] Connie Willis aburt
13.93 S Rendezvous with Rama [c] Arthur C. Clarke aburt
14.67 F Knight Errant R. Garcia y Robertson aburt
14.67 F Enchanter Sara Douglass aburt
16.13 S Foundation [c] Isaac Asimov aburt
16.50 S Foundation and Empire [c] Isaac Asimov aburt
16.50 S Borrowed Tides Paul Levinson aburt
16.50 T Goldfinger Ian Fleming aburt
16.50 T Outer Perimeter Ken Goddard aburt
16.50 T The Man Who Fought Alone Stephen R. Donaldson aburt
18.33 F The Last Hot Time John M. Ford aburt
18.33 S The Bridge Janine Ellen Young aburt
18.50 F The Onion Girl Charles de Lint aburt
18.70 S The Moon is a Harsh Mistress [c] Robert Heinlein aburt
19.50 S In Conquest Born C.S. Friedman aburt
20.00 F Hobbit [c] J.R.R. Tolkien aburt
20.17 AD Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson aburt
20.17 F Grand Ellipse Paula Volsky aburt
20.17 S A Paradigm of Earth Candas Jane Dorsey aburt
20.53 S Startide Rising [c] David Brin aburt
22.00 S Second Contact J.D.Austin aburt
22.00 S Shockball S.L. Viehl aburt
22.00 T The Pelican Brief John Grisham aburt
22.37 S The Forever War [c] Joe Haldeman aburt
22.37 S Neuromancer [c] William Gibson aburt
23.83 S China Mountain Zhang Maureen McHugh aburt
24.57 HI Shogun James Clavell aburt
25.67 S Hyperion [c] Dan Simmons aburt
26.50 S Dune [c] Frank Herbert aburt
27.50 F Fellowship of the Ring [c] J.R.R. Tolkien aburt
28.97 S Ringworld [c] Larry Niven aburt
30.07 S A Fire Upon the Deep [c] Vernor Vinge aburt
31.10 S Maximum Ice Kay Kenyon aburt
31.53 HI Homeland John Jakes aburt
32.00 SO Hunchback of Notre-Dame Victor Hugo aburt
33.00 S Left Hand of Darkness [c] Ursula LeGuin aburt
33.73 S Fall of Hyperion [c] Dan Simmons aburt
34.47 S Dispossessed [c] Ursula LeGuin aburt
34.83 S Stranger in a Strange Land [c] Robert Heinlein aburt
34.83 SO Catch-22 Joseph Heller aburt
36.67 T Smiley's People John LeCarre aburt
39.00 S Ender's Game [c] Orson Scott Card aburt
45.50 S Parable of the Sower [c] Octavia Butler aburt
46.57 S Gateway [c] Frederik Pohl aburt
51.00 HI Year of Living Dangerously Christopher Koch aburt
51.33 SO Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain aburt
56.83 S Timequake Kurt Vonnegut aburt
56.83 W Lonesome Dove Larry McMurtry aburt
60.50 IP Dubliners James Joyce aburt
61.00 S Speaker for the Dead [c] Orson Scott Card aburt
61.00 SO Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald aburt
62.33 IP The Hotel New Hampshire John Irving aburt
62.33 SO Great Expectations Charles Dickens aburt
64.17 IP Lake Wobegon Days Garrison Keillor aburt
66.00 IP In the Lake of the Woods Tim O'Brien aburt
66.00 SO Invisible Man Ralph Ellison aburt
73.33 IP The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger aburt
77.00 S Flowers for Algernon [c] Daniel Keyes aburt
82.00 IP The Kitchen God's Wife Amy Tan aburt
88.00 IP Beloved Toni Morrison aburt


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