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Anthology published in 2012...

2012 Christmas CollectionVictory Tales Press[link][comments]
22 Naked Bodies Insidepixelhose.com[link]
A Community of WritersSunbury Press[link]
A Feast of Frights from The Horror Zinehttp://
A Legacy of StarsDark Quest Books[link]
A Medley Of Inspirational RomanceRebecca J. Vickery[link][comments]
Adventures in OtherwhenBooksforaBuck.com[link]
Beneath the SurfaceGypsy Shadow Publishing[link][comments]
BlazeAmazon Digital[link][comments]

Bonded By Blood 5: Doomsday DescendsSNM Horror Mag[link][comments]
Bound to the BillionaireTotal-E-Bound[link][comments]
Call of DutySecret Cravings[link][comments]
Childhood Nightmares: Under the BedSirens Call Publications[link]
Danse Macabre: Encounters with the ReapersEdge Publishing[link]
Dark Tales of Lost CivilizationsDark Moon Books[link]
Death SparklesDraconis Enterprises Publishing[link]
Death Takes A Snow DayPulp Metal Fiction[link][comments]
Drunk On The MoonDark Valentine Press[link]
Evernight 2XoXo Publishing[link][comments]
Fading [link]Angelic Knight Press[link][comments]
Forever FamiliesMandinam Press[link][comments]
FungiInnsmouth Free Press[link]
Gathering DarknessVicious Kidd Press[link]
Ghost WriterOak Tree Press[link]
Going for Gold: Gay Olympic AnthologyMLR Press[link]
Gunslingers and Ghost StoriesScience Fiction Trails[link]
Horror Benthttp://
Horror for GoodCutting Block Press[link][comments]
Hot Dogs & Cool Cats: Animal Tales a la CarteCreate Space[link][comments]
Immunity to Strange TalesFive Rivers Publishing[link]
Lashings of SauceJMS[link]
Love and Darker PassionsDouble Dragon[link]
Milf & CookiesHot Ink Press
Mirages: Tales from Authors of the MacabreBlack Curtain Press[link]
My Funny Major MedicalMy Funny Books[link]
Mystery Times Nine 2012Buddapuss Ink LLC[link]
Mystery Times Nine 2012Buddapuss Ink[link][comments]
Night Terrors IIBlood Bound Books[link][comments]
No Rest for the WickedRainstorm Press[link]
North by 2000+Five Rivers Publishing[link]
Off The Record 2 - A Charity AnthologyGuilty Conscience[link]
Open Doors: Fractured Fairy TalesWayman Publishing[link]
Outlaw BodiesFuturefire.net Publishing[link]
Read The End FirstWIcked East Press[link]
Roachkiller and Other StoriesBeyond the Page[link]
Rogues In HellPerseid Publishing[link][comments]
Sapphic Planet AnthologySapphic Planet[link][comments]
Science Fiction: Time Travelhttp://
Sha'Daa: PawnsPerseid Publishing[link]
SLEEP STALKERWild Child Publishing[link]
Space EldritchCold Fusion Media[link]
Substitution CipherCandlemark & Gleam[link]
The 13 Ghosts of ChristmasSpectral Press Publishing[link]
The Best of Frontier Tales, Volume IPen-L Publishing[link]
The Dodo Dragon and other StoriesDragon Tree[link][comments]
The Fish the Fighters and the Song-girlPeseid Publishing[link]
The Ghost Is the MachinePost Mortem Press[link][comments]
The Haunted Mansion Project: Year OneDamnation Books[link]
Things Falling ApartFive Rivers Publishing[link]
Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Firehttp://
Uncle B's Drive-In FictionUncle B. Publications[link]
Unidentified Funny ObjectsUFO Publishing[link]
Whispers In The ShadowsDiamond Dust Books[link]
Wicked Bag of Suspense TalesWicked East Press[link][comments]
World's Collider: A Shared-World AnthologyNightscape Press[link][comments]
Writers on the Wrong Side of the RoadChase Enterprises Publishing[link][comments]
Zombie Jesus and Other True StoriesDark Moon Books[link]
Zombie Writing!http://
~~Title not listed: Publisher: URL:

(Please check your vote for accuracy before submitting, as we regret we cannot fix typos. You may report errors here but generally only errors affecting the scores will be dealt with, after the voting ends.)

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