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Critter Notices

Critters is 25!

This November, Critters is 25 years old! Wow! Thanks so much to all of you, who've made it such a resounding success!

Books from Critters!

Check out Books by Critters for books by your fellow Critterfolk, as well as my list of recommended books for writers.

The Sigil Trilogy

If you're looking for an amazing, WOW! science fiction story, check out THE SIGIL TRILOGY. This is — literally — one of the best science fiction novels I've ever read.

New Book from a Critter Member

**NOW IN PRINT EDITION TOO!** Awesome new book, HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SPECULATIVE FICTION OPENINGS, from a Critter member whose unearthed a shard of The Secret to becoming a pro writer. Really good piece of work. "...if you're at all concerned about story openings, you'd be nuts not to read what Qualkinbush has to say." —Wil McCarthy, author of BLOOM and THE COLLAPSIUM


I was interviewed live on public radio for Critters' birthday, for those who want to listen.

Free Web Sites

Free web sites for authors (and others) are available at www.nyx.net.

ReAnimus Acquires Advent!

ReAnimus Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of the legendary Advent Publishers! Advent is now a subsidiary of ReAnimus Press, and we will continue to publish Advent's titles under the Advent name. Advent was founded in 1956 by Earl Kemp and others, and has published the likes of James Blish, Hal Clement, Robert Heinlein, Damon Knight, E.E. "Doc" Smith, and many others. Advent's high quality titles have won and been finalists for several Hugo Awards, such as The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Heinlein's Children. Watch this space for ebook and print editions of all of Advent's current titles!

Book Recommendation

THE SIGIL TRILOGY: The universe is dying from within... "Great stuff... Really enjoyed it." — SFWA Grandmaster Michael Moorcock

Announcing ReAnimus Press

If you're looking for great stuff to read from bestselling and award-winning authors—look no further! ReAnimus Press was founded by your very own Critter Captain. (And with a 12% Affiliate program.) [More]








Preditors & Editors Poll results

Preditors & Editors Poll results

2008 Official Results

[Category list]

Standings for category: Romance Novels

1. Somewhere My Love, Beth Trissel, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.bethtrissel.com
2. In Service, J. C. Natal, Dark Roast Press, http://www.darkroastpress.com/inservice.php
3. Tigress By the Tail, Teresa D'Amario, Tease Publishing, http://teasetarot.com
4. Girl of My Dreams, Morgan Mandel, Hard Shell Word Factory, http://www.morganmandel.com
5. Dusty Rose (The McCassey Brother's Series: Book 3), Lauren N. Sharman, Whiskey Creek Press, http://www.WhiskeyCreekPress.com
6. Acheron, Sherrilyn Kenyon, St. Martin's Press, http://www.dailyinquisitor.com/hunter/acheron.htm
7. Awakening Love, Gladys Hobson, Stonehedge Publishing, http://www.powells.com/biblio?show=ELECTRONIC:ADOBE%20DIGITAL%20EDITIONS:9781602760363:7.09#synopses_and_reviews
8. The King's Daughter, Miriam Newman, DCL Publications, http://www.thedarkcastlelords.com
8. Lucinda's Web, Dorothy Morrison, WillowTree Press, http://www.willowtreepress.com
9. Shelter from the Storm, Molly Wens, eXcessica, http://excessica.com/index.php/books/shelter-from-the-storm-by-molly-wens/
10. Chamberlain's Knight, Skyler Grey, Red Rose Publishing, http://www.redrosepublishing.com/bookstore/

11. Darkness Falls, Jamie Lynn Miller, Dark Roast Press, http://www.darkroastpress.com/darknessfalls.php
12. Hostage to Pleasure, Nalini Singh, Berkley Books, http://www.nalinisingh.com/hostage.html
12. The Keeper's Promise, Penelope Marzec, Awe-Struck E-Books, http://www.awe-struck.net/AUTHORS49/tkp.html
13. Broken Hero, Anne Whitfield, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.annewhitfield.com/BrokenHero.html
14. The Celtic Witch & The Sorcerer, Lyn Armstrong, Resplendence Publishing, http://www.ResplendencePublishing.com
14. A Hotel in Paris, Margot Justes, Echelon Press, http://www.echelonpress.com/direct/buy-mj-ahip.htm
15. Mayan Secrets, Ciar Cullen, Samhain Publishing, http://samhainpublishing.com
16. The Flame, Jane Toombs, Amber Quill Press, http://amberquill.com/TheFlame.html
16. Bartlett's Rule, Chelle Cordero, Vanilla Heart Publishing, http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/Chelle_Cordero.html
17. Heatherfield, M. Jean Pike, Black Lyon Publishing, http://www.blacklyonpublishing.com
18. Trial By Fire: The Firefighters of Station Five, Book 1, Jo Davis, Signet Eclipse, http://www.jodavis.net/current.php
18. King of Sword and Sky, C.L. Wilson, Dorchester Publishing, http://www.dorchesterpub.com/
18. Coming Home-Iron Horse Rider 2, Adelle Laudan, Wild Child Publishing, http://wildchildpublishing.com
19. The Madness Of Celia Summers, Charlotte Chalmers, The Wildrose Press, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=704
19. Luther's Cross, Therese Kinkaide, Wings ePress Inc., http://www.theresekinkaide.com
19. Pride and Fire, JoMarie DeGioia, Sinful Moments Press, http://www.sinfulmomentspress.com/proddetail.asp?prod=Pride%5Fand%5FFire
20. There's Only Been You, Donna Marie Rogers, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.DonnaMarieRogers.com
20. Lillian's Love, Laura Marie Henion, Lachesis Publishing, http://www.lachesispublishing.com
20. Hope of Heaven, Esther Mitchell, Aspen Mountain Press, http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/mystery-thriller/contemporary/hope-of-heaven/prod_128.html
20. Blood Noir, Laurell K. Hamilton, Berkley, http://laurellkhamilton.org
21. Holly And The Millionaire, Margaret Tanner, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.thewildrosepress.com
21. Courting Trouble, Renee Knowles, The Wild Rose Press, http://thewildrosepress.com
22. Soul of Fire, Sarah A. Hoyt, Bantam Spectra, http://empire.sarahahoyt.com/sof-excerpt.html
22. Moon of the Falling Leaves, Diane Davis White, Highland Press Publishing, http://www.highlandpress.org
23. A Matter of Deception, Christy Poff, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/torrid/
23. Lessons in Love, Charlie cochrane, Linden Bay, http://www.lindenbayromance.com
23. The Good Thief, James Buchanan, MLR Press, http://www.mlrpress.com/
24. Homesong, Misha Crews, Vanilla Heart Publishing, http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/Misha_Crews.html
24. The Boys back home, Sierra Dafoe, Samhain Publishing Ltd., http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/the-boys-back-home
25. Witch's Moon, Tabitha Shay, Eternal Press, http://www.eternalpress.ca/witchsmoon.html
25. A Twist of Fate: The World, Karen Michelle Nutt, Tease Publishing, http://www.teasetarot.com/
25. Through Hazel Eyes, Heather Hummel, PathBinder Publishing, http://www.heatherhummel.net
25. Young Stud, Ruth D. Kerce, Ellora's Cave, http://www.jasminejade.com/pm-5790-95-young-stud.aspx
26. Lost Echo, Rob Shelsky, Awe-Struck E-Books, http://www.awe-struck.net
26. Fly to Me, Karole Kennedy, Class Act Books, http://classactbooks.com
27. Home of His Own, T.A. Chase, Liquid Silver Books, http://www.king-cart.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?store=linda018&cart_id=7388290.88524&product_name=Home+Of+His+Own&return_page=&user-id=&password=&exchange=&exact_match=exact
27. Tree of Buried Secrets, Cassie Exline, Lyrical Press, http://www.lyricalpress.com
27. Cattle Valley: Out of the Shadow, Carol Lynne, Total-E-Bound, http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?P_ID=341
27. Moonlight Protector, Jessica Coulter Smith, Hearts on Fire Books, http://www.heartsonfirebooks.com
27. Have Wine Will Travel, Jacquelynn Luben, Virtual Tales, http://www.virtualtales.com
27. Deadly Secrets, Leeann Burke, LBF Books, http://www.lbfbooks.com
27. Rochelle's Life, Rachel Sparks and Leslie Wells, Lulu, www.romancesuspensemore.com
28. Ravenwood: Nght's Salvation, Laurie Sorenson, LSPDIGITAL, http://http://www.lspdigital.com/
28. Darkenbane: The Fountain, Kimberly Adkins, Black Lyon Publishing, http://www.kimberlyadkins.com
28. Chasing Secrets, Chrity Tillery French, L&L Dreamspell, http://www.lldreamspell.com
28. The Beast in Him, Shelly Laurenston, Kensington Brava, http://www.shellylaurenston.com/beasthim.php#buy
28. Heart of a Champion, Catherine Colombo, Whiskey Creek Press, http://whiskeycreekpress.com
28. Bride of Passion, Connie Rachal, Wingsepress, http://wingsepress.com
28. Shepard's Rise, Sheryl Livingston, Egnahb, Inc., http://egnahb.com/Home_Page.php
28. Hot Shot, MJ Fredrick, Samhain, http://www.mjfredrick.com
29. Cowboy Games, Wendi Darlin, Siren Publishing, http://www.sirenpublishing.com
29. Bent, Sean Michael, Torquere Press, http://torquerebooks.com
29. Betrayals, Janet Quinn, Amber Quill Press, http://www.amberquill.com
29. DON'T TEMPT ME, Sylvia Day, Kensington Brava, http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/finditem.cfm?itemid=12171
30. Death of a Pirate King, Josh Lanyon, Loose ID, http://www.loose-id.net/detail.aspx?ID=767
30. Three's The Charm, Ellen Dye, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.ellendye.com
30. Portrait of a Kiss, T.D. McKinney & Terry Wylis, Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure, http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/PortraitKiss.html
30. Knight's Fork, Rowena Cherry, dorchester, http://www.dorchesterpub.com
30. The Eternal Kiss, Diana Castilleja, Tease Pubishing, http://teasetarot.com
30. The Protector's Destiny, Bonnie Rose Leigh, eXtasy Books, http://www.extasybooks.com
31. Unseelie, Meredith Holmes, Drollerie Press, http://drolleriepress.com/bookshop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=36
31. Dante's Lady, Tamela Quijas, Hearts on Fire Books, http://www.heartsonfirebooks.com
31. A Fire Burns Deep, Kate Hofman, Dark Castle Lords Publishing, http://http://www.thedarkcastlelords.com/
31. The Substitute Bride, Margaret Blake, Whiskey Creek Press, http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com
31. Afraid to Dream, Tianna Xander, Extasy Books, http://www.extasybooks.com
31. Uneven, Anah Crow, Torquere Books, http://www.torquerebooks.com
31. Better Than Chocolate, Brieanna Robertson, Whimsical Publications, LLC, http://www.whimsicalpublications.com
31. Sound + Noise, Curtis Smith, Casperian Books, http://www.casperianbooks.com/
32. Breach Of Trust, Kimber Chin, Champagne, http://www.champagnebooks.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=194
32. Codename: Romeo, Kat Attalla, Freya's Bower, http://www.freyasbower.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15&products_id=123
32. SheWolf, Teresa D'amario
32. Mountain's Echo, Debbie Gould, Red Rose Publishing, http://www.deborahgould.com
32. A Breed Apart, Charlotte Raby, Writers Exchange E-Publishing, http://readerseden.com/product.php?productid=196&cat=0&page=1
32. Dark Harvest, Lynda Hilburn, Medallion Press, http://www.medallionpress.com
32. A Little Slice of Heaven, Gina Ardito, The Wild Rose Press, http://ww.thewildrosepress.com
32. The Centurion & The Queen, Minnette Meador, Resplendence Publishing, http://www.resplendencepublishing.com
33. Love and Brimstone, Lesli Richardson, Amira Press, http://www.amirapress.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=153
33. La Vida Vampire, Nancy Haddock, Berkley, http://berkleyjoveauthors.com/book1009
33. The Perils of Pleasure, Julie Anne Long, Avon Romance, http://www.harpercollins.com/Imprints/Avon/
33. Immortal Warrior, Lisa Hendrix, Berkley, http://berkleyjoveauthors.com/book1168
33. Serenity, D. Renee Bagby, Samhain Publishing, Ltd., http://dreneebagby.com/Books_Serenity.html
33. Soul Mates: Secrets, Jourdan Lane, Torquere Press, http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1551
33. Azazel, Dawn McClure, Samhain Publishing, http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/azazel
33. His Woman, Diana Cosby, Kensington Publishing Corporation, http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/
33. Soul in his Eyes, Christine London, Phaze, http:// http://www.phaze.com
33. Dragonborn, Jade Lee, Love Spell/Dorchester, http://www.dorchesterpub.com
33. Danger In Her Arms, Phyllis Campbell, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/
33. Angel of Death, Leigh Savage, CreateSpace, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1434843017/ref=cm_pdp_arms_dp_2
33. Her Cinderella Complex, Jenna Bayley-Burke, Samhain, https://www.mybookstoreandmore.com/shop/product.da/her-cinderella-complex
34. Mexican Heat, Laura Baumbach & Jish Lanyon, MLR Press, http://www.mlrpress.com
34. Holding Her Own, Marie-Nicole Ryan, Samhain Publishing, http://samhainpublishing.com
34. Heartsong, Allison Knight, Champagne Books, http://www.champagnebooks.com
34. Beyond the Veil, Stevie Woods, Phaze Books, http://www.phaze.com
34. Dark Needs at Night's Edge, Kresley Cole, Pocket Star, http://kresleycole.com/books/dark-needs-at-nights-edge.html
34. The Wagonmaster, Nita Wick, Freya's Bower, http://www.nitawick.com
34. The Killer Among Them, Anita M Whiting, Samhain Publishing, http://anitawhiting.tripod.com
34. Eternal Seduction, Jennifer Turner, CreateSpace, http://www.darknesswithinnovels.com/books.html
34. Alliance of Passion, Samantha Gail, eXtasy Books, http://www.extasybooks.com
34. Frost Fair, Erastes, Linden Bay Romance, http://www.lindenbayromance.com/product-frostfair-7265-145.html
34. The Purple Book, Matthew Haldeman-Time, Lulu Marketplace, http://www.lulu.com/
34. Arpetta Honor, Annette Snyder, Whiskey Creek Press, http://annettesnyder.atspace.com
34. The Sheikh's Proposal, Jane Beckenham, Red Rose Publishing, http://www.redrosepublishing.com
34. Bad Ice, Sandra Cormier, Champagne Books, http://www.champagnebooks.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=213
34. Embezzled Love, Ginger Simpson, LBF Books, http://www.lbfbooks.com
34. Irish Winter, John Simpson, Dreamspinner Press, http://dreamspinnerpress.com
34. Chinook Wine and Sink Her, Morgan Q. O'Reilly, Lyrical Press, http://www.lyricalpress.com
35. Cave of Terror, Amber Dawn Bell, Highland Press Publishing, http://www.highlandpress.org
35. No Sex Necessary, Jane Beckenham, Red Rose Publishing, http://www.redrosepublishing.com
35. Roughstock: Blind Ride Season One, BA Tortuga, Torquere Press, http://torquerebooks.com
35. Your Every Desire, Mary Eason, Whiskey Creek Press, http://whiskeycreekpress.com/authors/Mary_Eason.shtml
35. Stroke of Midnight, Ana Aragón, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.thewilderroses.com
35. Red, Tracey H. Kitts, New Concepts Publishing, http://www.traceyhkitts.com
35. Lover Enshrined, J.R. Ward, Signet, http://www.jrward.com/
35. Almost Guilty, Isabel Mere, Highland Press Publishing, http://www.highlandpress.org
35. Frozen, Morgan Q. O'Reilly, Lyrical Press, http://www.lyricalpress.com
35. The Edge of Honor, Minnette Meador, Resplendence Publishing, http://www.resplendencepublishing.com
35. Angel Warriors, Stephani Hecht, eXtasy Books, http://www.extasybooks.com
35. Crossin Borders, Z. A. Maxfield, Loose Id, http://www.loose-id.net/prod-Crossing_Borders-755.aspx
35. Virgin, Jessica Freely, Loose Id, http://www.loose-id.com/detail.aspx?ID=758
35. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DELIGHTS, KELLI WILKINS, AMBER QUILL PRESS, http://www.amberquill.com/AmberHeat/MidsummerNightsDelights.html
35. Undercover Angel, Karen Wiesner, Whiskey Creek Press, http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/kswiesner/fiction7a.html
35. A Prince Among Men, Cat Johnson, Linden Bay, http://http://www.lindenbayromance.com/product-aprinceamongmen-7239-149.html
35. Blue-Eyed Devil, Lisa Kleypas, St. Martin's Press, http://www.lisakleypas.com/inprint07/blueeyeddevil.asp
36. Breathless, Ericka Scott, Cobblestone Press, http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/breathless.htm
36. In Flames, Melody Knight, Linden Bay Romance, http://www.lindenbayromance.com/product-inflames-144-149.html
36. All Fore Revenge, Piper Denna, Lyrical Press, http://www.lyricalpress.com/all_fore_revenge.html
36. Frequency, Kathy Elbinger, Wings ePress, http://wings-press.com
36. Dark Obsession, Allison Chase, Signet, http://www.allisonchase.com
36. The Falcon and the Sparrow, MaryLu Tyndall, Barbour, http://www.mltyndall.com/
36. Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues, Jacquie Rogers, Highland Press, http://highlandpress.org
36. Within the Law, Chelle Cordero, Vanilla Heart Publishing, http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/Chelle_Cordero.html
36. Sojourn Through Time, Susanne Marie Knight, Awe-Struck Publishing, http://www.awe-struck.net
36. Burning Bridges, Anne Krist, BookStrand, http://www.bookstrand.com/product-burningbridges-11075-330.html
36. Infidelity, Debbie Gould, Red Rose Publishing, http://www.deborahgould
36. Savage Seduction, Brenda Williamson, Mojocastle, http://www.mojocastle.com/savage/savage.html
36. Love's Winsome Warrior, Angela Verdenius, Wings ePress, http://www.wings-press.com/Bookstore/Love'sWinsomeWarrior.htm
36. Seti's Heart, Kiernan Kelly, Torquere Press, http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=790
36. Back to the Homestead, Mary Jean Kelso, Wings Epress, http://wings-press.com
36. One Love for Liv, Marianne Arkins, Samhain, http://samhainpublishing.com/print/one-love-for-liv-print
36. Star's Destiny, Barbara Donlon Bradley, Phaze, http://www.phaze.com
36. New Beginnings, JennaKay Francis, Writers Exchange, http://www.readerseden.com/product.php?productid=634&cat=0&page=1
36. My Lord Raven, Jan Scarbrough, Resplendence Publishing, http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8_view_item.html?m8:item=35-200-105-419-3
36. Call of the Lycan, Michelle Pillow, Ellora's Cave, http://www.jasminejade.com/p-4522-call-of-the-lycan.aspx?skinid=11
36. Just a Memory, Lois Carroll, Echelon Press LLC, http://www.echelonpress.com/direct/buy-lc-jam.htm
36. BETRAYAL, Glen Carbon
36. The Chosen, Tianna Xander, Extasy Books, http://www.amazon.com/Chosen-Tianna-Xander/dp/1554871166/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1228661428&sr=1-1
36. Detour Ahead, Amanda Burns, Awe-Struck, http://awe-struck.net/
36. Passage (Sharing Knife series book 3), Lois McMaster Bujold, EOS, http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/search/?searchfor=book&keywords=Sharing+Knife+Bujold
36. Untamable, Samantha Lucas, Blade Publishing, http://www.bladepublishing.org/books/untamable.html
36. I Married a Demon, Beverly Rae, Samhain Publishing, http://tinyurl.com/5w37ez
36. Loving Jiro, Jordyn Tracey, Sugar and Spice Press, http://www.sugarandspicepress.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=9
36. Sweet Serenity, Catherine Stang, Whiskey Creek Press, http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com
36. Hannah's Man (print version), Rita Hestand, Writers Exchange, http://ritahestand.com/Books9.html
36. Against Doctors Orders, K.M. Daughters, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=935
36. You're All I Want for Christmas, Arleigh Bish, Wild Rose Press, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1088
36. midnight man, Lisa Marie Rice, Ellora's Cave, http://ellorascave.com
36. Deja Vu Lover, Phoebe Matthews, TheWildRosePress, http://www.thewildrosepress.com
36. Disoriented Dress, Liam Stalls, Red Rose Publishing, http://liamstalls.tripod.com/
36. Precious Ache, Amanda Young, Amber Quill, http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/
36. Survival of the Fairest, Jody Wallace, Samhain Publishing, http://samhainpublishing.com
36. Tides of Maryna's Love, Donica Covey, Champagne Books, http://www.champagnebooks.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=189
36. Replacing Barnie, Patrice Wilton, Wings Epress, http://www.wings-press.com
37. Out of Her League, Kaylea Cross, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.kayleacross.com
37. Someone To Watch Over Me, Laura Shinn, Writer's Exchange E-Publishing, http://www.readerseden.com/product.php?productid=422&cat=0&page=1
37. Jewel of the Adriatic, K.M. Daughters, Wild Rose Press, http://http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=860
37. The Flavor of Summer, Lyra Marlowe, Loose Id, http://www.loose-id.net/prod-The_Flavor_of_Summer-769.aspx?
37. Her Will His Way, Terri Molina, Cobblestone Press, http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/herwill.htm
37. By The Sword, Alison Stuart, Wings, http://wingsepress.com/
37. Blue Haze, Tricia McGill, Calderwood Books, http://www.calderwoodbooks.com
37. Sideline by Love, Ana Aragon, Wild Rose Press, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=631
37. Annie's Song, Sabra Brown Steinsiek, Whiskey Creek Press, http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/store/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&zenid=e240acddda4a7107185e535313766a44&keyword=Annie%27s+Song
37. Music Master, Barbara Miller, Ceredwen, http://
37. Piecemeal June, Jordan Krall, Eraserhead Press, http://www.eraserheadpress.com
37. Red Lioness Tamed, Savanna Kougar, Liquid Silver Books, http://liquidsilverbooks.com/books.redlionesstamed.htm
37. For The May Queen, Kate Evans, Vanilla Heart Publishing, http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/Kate_Evans.html
37. Foul Play, Tori Carrington, http://www.toricarrington.net
37. CONFESSIONS OF A VAMPIRE'S LOVER, KELLI WILKINS, AMBER QUILL PRESS, http://www.amberquill.com/AmberHeat/ConfessionsVampiresLover.html
37. Dangerous Boys and their Toy, Shayla Black, Ellora's Cave, http://www.shaylablack.com/bookshelf/erotic/dangerousboysandtheirtoy/
37. The Sea's Embrace, Angela Steed, Black Lyon Publishing, http://www.angelasteed.com
37. Dancing on the Wind, Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Ellora's Cave, http://www.windlegends.org/dancingwind.htm
37. The Road Less Traveled, Brieanna Robertson, Whimsical Publications, LLC, http://www.whimsicalpublications.com
37. Wolf Tales VII, Kate Douglas, Kensington Books, http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/catalog.cfm?dest=itempg&itemid=13388&secid=83&linkon=subsection&linkid=1863
37. Hi, Daddy!, Janet Elaine Smith, Star Publish , http://www.starpublishllc.com/id37.html
37. Priceless, Deena Kaylee, Readers Eden, http://
37. Love's Reflection, Carol North, Awe-Struck E-Books, http://awe-struck.net
37. A Train Through Time, Bess McBride, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.thewildrosepress.com
37. Black Rock: A Time For Love, E. G. Parsons, The Wild Rose Press, http://thewildrosepress.com
37. Phoenix Rising, Kimberly Gardner, MLR Press, http://www.kimberlygardner.com/index.html
37. Journey to Tracer's Point, Gwyn Ramsey, Treble Heart Books, http://www.trebleheartbooks.com
37. Destruction of an Innocent, Martha L. McBryar, Tease Publishing, http://teasetarot.com
37. Lady Elizabeth's Comet, Sheila Simonson, Uncial Press, http://www.uncialpress.com/books/ladyeliz/ladyeliz.html
37. Impostor, T.L. Davison, Club Lighthouse Publishing, http://www.clublighthousepublishing.com/EROTICA_NOVEL_PAGE.htm#IMPOSTOR_
37. Captain's Surrender, Alex Beecroft, Linden Bay Romance, http://www.amazon.com/Captains-Surrender-Alex-Beecroft/dp/1602020892
37. Magic and the Modern Girl, Mindy Klasky, Red Dress Ink, http://www.eharlequin.com/
37. Destiny's Captive, Tracy Preston, The Wild Rose Press, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1053
37. When the Vow Breaks, Judith Leigh, Highland Press, http://www.highlandpress.org
37. One Texan's Enough, Sarah Storme, Awe-Struck Ebooks, http://awe-struck.net/AUTHORS43/ote.html
37. Solar Wind, Carole Ann Lee, Awe-Struck Publishing, http://www.awe-struck.net
37. Sins of the Heart, Delle Jacobs, Samhain Publishing, http://http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/sins-of-the-heart
37. NIGHTLIFE, Laura Shinn, Writer's Exchange E-Publishing, http://www.readerseden.com/product.php?productid=423&cat=0&page=1
37. Shanghaied Heart, Chuck Lyons, ePress-Online, http://http://www.epress-online.com
37. Southern Exposure, Kimberley Dehn, Wings ePress, Inc., http://www.kimberley-dehn.com/
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