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Critters is 25!

This November, Critters is 25 years old! Wow! Thanks so much to all of you, who've made it such a resounding success!

Books from Critters!

Check out Books by Critters for books by your fellow Critterfolk, as well as my list of recommended books for writers.

How to Write SF

The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells by Ben Bova, best-selling author and six-time Hugo Award winner for Best Editor. (This is one of the books your ol' Critter Captain learned from himself, and I highly recommend it.) (Also via Amazon)

The Sigil Trilogy

If you're looking for an amazing, WOW! science fiction story, check out THE SIGIL TRILOGY. This is — literally — one of the best science fiction novels I've ever read.


I was interviewed live on public radio for Critters' birthday, for those who want to listen.

Free Web Sites

Free web sites for authors (and others) are available at www.nyx.net.

ReAnimus Acquires Advent!

ReAnimus Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of the legendary Advent Publishers! Advent is now a subsidiary of ReAnimus Press, and we will continue to publish Advent's titles under the Advent name. Advent was founded in 1956 by Earl Kemp and others, and has published the likes of James Blish, Hal Clement, Robert Heinlein, Damon Knight, E.E. "Doc" Smith, and many others. Advent's high quality titles have won and been finalists for several Hugo Awards, such as The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Heinlein's Children. Watch this space for ebook and print editions of all of Advent's current titles!

Book Recommendation

THE SIGIL TRILOGY: The universe is dying from within... "Great stuff... Really enjoyed it." — SFWA Grandmaster Michael Moorcock

Announcing ReAnimus Press

If you're looking for great stuff to read from bestselling and award-winning authors—look no further! ReAnimus Press was founded by your very own Critter Captain. (And with a 12% Affiliate program.) [More]








Preditors & Editors Poll results

Preditors & Editors Poll results

2008 Official Results

[Category list]

Standings for category: Book/e-book Cover Artwork

1. Turning Thirty-Twelve, Sandy James, cover by Jinger Heaston, http://www.bookstrand.com/product-turningthirtytwelve-13909-330.html
2. Forever Friends, Shelagh Watkins and Christopher Tovo (photographer), http://www.shelaghwatkins.co.uk/mandinampressforeverfriendscover.htm
3. Shades of Blue - Second in the Memory Box Trilogy, Cindy Bauer, http://www.cindybauerbooks.com
4. WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty, Natalie Moore/Diana Black, http://WoofersClub.com
5. Huntress, Trinity Knight/Jim Richards, http://www.mysticmoonpress.com/bookstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=123&products_id=291
6. Trockle, Holly Jahangiri, http://4rvpublishingllc.com/Holly_Jahangiri.html
7. Courting Trouble, Renee Knowles, http://reneeknowles.com/courting_trouble.html
8. Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery - corrected link, Christine Verstraete, http://www.quakeme.com/direct/buy-cv-sfasn.htm
9. Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, and Communism, Haven Rich, http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Reluctant-Witness/Linda-Alexander/e/9781934678640/?itm=6
10. Seven Archangels: Annihilation, E.J. Mickels II, http://hisart.us/pagefour18a.html
10. Blood of the Dark Moon, Adrianne Brennan, http://www.freyasbower.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=29_38&products_id=143
10. Broken Hero, art by Tamra WestBerry, http://www.annewhitfield.com/BrokenHero.html
10. Luther's Cross, Therese Kinkaide, cover by Kim Bush, http://www.theresekinkaide.com

11. Surrender: Tales of Erotic Submission, Alessia Brio, http://www.amazon.com/Surrender-Erotic-Submission-Eden-Bradley/dp/1606590367
12. A Twilight Abduction, Christie Silvers, http://www.christiesilvers.com
12. Dr, Offig's Lessons from the Dark Side, Michael Leadingham, http://cdwl.net
13. Sleight of Hand, Katrina Strauss, cover by Anne Cain, http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/sleight-of-hand
14. Lord Viper (cover art by Syneca), Ruth D. Kerce, http://www.jasmine-jade.com/pm-4496-95-lord-viper.aspx
15. Uprising, Chris Newman, http://www.darkroastpress.com/uprising.php
15. There's Only Been You, Angela Anderson, http://tinyurl.com/a7eyks
15. Russet & Gold, Nancy Donahue, http://www.cottagemagic.com/images/cover_RussetAndGold.jpg
15. Bride of Passion, Connie Rachal, http://wingsepress.com
16. A Hotel in Paris, Margot Justes, http://www.echelonpress.com
16. NO PLACE LIKE HOME, Cindy Rosmus,cover by Gin E L Fenton(GinELF), http://blackpetalsks.tripod.com/yellowmama/id230.html
16. Deadly Secrets, Leeann Buke, http://www.lbfbooks.com/proddetail.asp?prod=Deadly%5FSecrets
16. Bid For Love, Savannah Chase, http://www.lyricalpress.com/bid_for_love.html
17. Honor Defended, D. H. Brown, http://www.bigriverpress.com
17. When Darkness Falls, Nikita Gordyn, http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/mystery-thriller/thriller/when-darkness-falls/prod_105.html
17. Beaudry's Ghost, Tuesday Dube, http://www.dreaminginpurple.net/Beaudry's%20Ghost%20Page.html
17. The Werewolf Whisperer, Stella Price, http://phaze.com/Images/TheWerewolfWhisperer.jpg
17. Champion of Olympia, Alex Beecroft, http://www.lulu.com/content/1125309
17. Grantville Gazette, Tom Kidd
18. Cattle Valley: Bad Boy Cowboy, April Martinez, http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?P_ID=365
18. Bound by Love, T.A. Chase, cover by Anne Cain, http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/bound-by-love
18. How Faerie Dust is Made, Nita Wick, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=677
18. Return of the Sword, Johnney Perkins, http://www.roguebladesentertainment.com/products/rb-presents/rb-presents-anthologies/return-of-the-sword/
18. Gifts, Stella Price, http://www.king-cart.com/Phaze/product=Gifts+by+Stella+and+Audra+Price
18. Surviving Serendipity, Nathalie Moore, http://www.quakeme.com
19. Pleasure After The Pain, Savannah Chase, http://www.redrosepublishing.com/bookstore/product_info.php?products_id=225
19. Burning Bridges, Jinger Heaston, http://www.bookstrand.com/product-burningbridges-11075-330.html
19. Cry Sanctuary, Tuesday Dube, http://www.dreaminginpurple.net/Cry%20Sanctuary%20Page.html
19. Shades Of Blue, Cindy Bauer
19. The Merry Widow, Kendra Egert, http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/torrid/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=258
19. So Much More Than Naked, Martine Jardin, http://www.extasybooks.net/ebjmsite/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=ebook_flypage&product_id=3514&category_id=8&manufacturer_id=11&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=44&vmcchk=1&Itemid=44
20. The Boys Back Home, Angela Waters, http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/the-boys-back-home
20. Shelter from the Storm, Joey Walnuts
20. Shifting Desires, Skylar Sinclair, http://www.king-cart.com/Phaze/product=Shifting+Desires/exact_match=exact
20. Unwitting Desires, Sam Pray, http://www.genreconnections.com/shop/index.php?p=product&id=200&parent=11
20. A Merry Little Murder, Nathalie Moore, http://www.echelonpress.com/direct/buy-mw-amlm.htm
20. Lord & Master 2: Taking Work Home, Jules Jones, cover by Anne Cain, http://loose-id.com/detail.aspx?ID=765
20. Mistletoe Wish, Celia Kyle, http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/more-hot-reads/mistletoe-wish/prod_198.html
20. End Credits, A.F. R├╝tzy, http://www.casperianbooks.com/
20. Danger In Her Arms, Phyllis Campbell, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/
20. Fly To Me, Karole Kennedy, http://classactbooks.com/Inspirational.html
20. And the Two Shall Become One, Mychael Black/Shayne Carmichael, artist Anne Cain, http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&manufacturers_id=91&products_id=1422
20. Dead in the wAter, Judith B. Glad, http://www.uncialpress.com/books/deadinth/deadinth.html
20. Children of the Triad: Sex Me II, Martine Jardin, http://www.extasybooks.net/ebjmsite/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/c834db8e0b58a0eb4ead1bc8c5acb56c.jpg
20. Rainbow Sheep, Kim Chatel, Http://www.kimchatel.com
20. Knight's Fork, Rowena Cherry, http://www.dorchesterpub.com
21. Ella the Vampire, Renee Rocco, http://www.lyricalpress.com/ella_the_vampire.html
21. Untamable, Shonna Brannon, http://www.bladepublishing.org/books/untamable.html
21. Tequila Truth, Tuesday Dube`, http://www.dreaminginpurple.net/Teguila%20Truth%20Page.html
21. When a Good Angel Falls, Savanna Kougar, http://bookstrand.com/authors/savannakougar
21. Captain Marvelous, Nicola Martinez, http://thewildrosepress.com
21. Tera's Awakening, Kelly Maher, cover by Les Byerley, http://www.ellorascave.com/productpage.asp?ISBN=9781419917301
21. A Spell for Susannah, Jody Wallace, http://www.samhainpublishing.com
21. Dark Heart, Thom Lane (Anne Cain, artist), http://www.loose-id.com/detail.aspx?ID=794
21. Tomorrow's Memories, Lynn Perkins and Christina Yoder, http://www.mundania.com/books-tomorrowsmemories.html
21. Starquest - cover art, Tamra Westberry, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=937
21. His Gift, Tuesday Dube`, http://www.dreaminginpurple.net/His%20Gift%20Page.html
21. Book Promo 101: Learn the Basics of Book Promotion, Nikki Leigh, http://www.nikkileigh.com/book_promo_101.htm
21. Gift of The Holly King, Tuesday Dube, http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/more-hot-reads/gift-of-the-holly-king/prod_205.html
21. The Revenant Road, Deena Fisher, http://drolleriepress.com/Authors/?page_id=98
21. The Lady's Lowborn Lover, Brenna Lyons, http://brennalyons3.home.comcast.net/~brennalyons3/LADYSLOWBORN300.jpg
21. Amazing Grace, Shirley Burnett, http://www.eternalpress.ca
21. Sherwood Charade, Mimi Riser, cover by Trace Edward Zaber, http://amberquill.com/SherwoodCharade.html
21. DeadKnots, Dirk A. Wolf, http://www.hardshell.com
21. Sarah's Journey, Julie D'Arcy, http://www.eternalpress.ca
22. Nikolai, Angelia Sparrow, cover by Barry Bulsara, http://www.darkroastpress.com/nikolai.php
22. Eternal Seduction, Jennifer Turner, http://www.darknesswithinnovels.com/books.html
22. Bloody Halls, carl brookins, http://www.carlbrookins.com
22. All Fore Revenge, Piper Denna, http://www.lyricalpress.com/all_fore_revenge.html
22. Scars of the Heart, Karole Kennedy, http://classactbooks.com/Inspirational.html
22. Beauty and the Beasts, Christine Clavel, http://christine.clavel.free.fr/beauty.htm
22. Islington Crocodiles, Paul Meloy, cover Vincent Chong, http://ttapress.com/515/islington-crocodiles-by-paul-meloy-2/
22. Savage Destiny, Bev Haynes, http://www.classactbooks.com/bkpgSavDestiny.html
22. Daybreak, April Martinez, http://www.loose-id.net/detail.aspx?ID=825
22. The Wiccan Kitten, Susanne Saville, http://raemonetinc.com/images/thewiccankitten_680.jpg
22. Everdead, Rio Youers, http://www.gravesidetales.com/store/novels/everdead-by-rio-youers/prod_4.html
22. The Rook - Vol. 2, Cover by Frank Brunner, http://www.amazon.com/Rook-Vol-2-Barry-Reese/dp/0982087225/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1230982050&sr=8-1
22. Make a Joyful Noise: Searching for a Spiritual Path in a Material World, cover by Pat Walker-Fields, http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000109251
22. Double Exposure, Tori Scott, http://www.eredsage.com
22. Blue Haze, Jennifer Macaire, http://www.calderwoodbooks.com
22. Call Me Kate: Meeting the Molly Maguires, Molly Roe, artwork by John Slaby, http://www.tribute-books.com
22. Second Time Around, Jamie Hill, artwork by Lyn Taylor, http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?s=ot3kz6181580&strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=244
22. TAMING THE BEAST, Renee Rocco, http://www.lyricalpress.com/taming_the_beast.html
22. The Infinite Instant, Danielle Parker, www.lachesispublishing.com
23. The Nightmare Club #2: The Deadly Dragon, Howard Hopkins, http://www.howardhopkins.com/nightmareclub.htm
23. I Married a Demon, Beverly Rae, http://tinyurl.com/5w37ez
23. The Purple Book, Matthew Haldeman-Time, http://www.lulu.com/
23. Knock em Dead, Rhonda Pollero, http://rhondapollero.com/
23. An Elf's Magic, Lynn Crain, http://www.extasybooks.net/ebjmsite/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=ebook_flypage&product_id=5045&category_id=31&manufacturer_id=65&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=44
23. Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues, Cover by Deborah MacGillivray, http://www.highlandpress.org
23. Bitten In The Bayou, Selena Blake, http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/bitteninthebayou.htm
23. Soul In His Eyes, Christine London, http://www.king-cart.com/Phaze/product=Soul+in+His+Eyes/exact_match=exact
23. State of Wilderness, Elysabeth Eldering, http://jgdsseries.blogspot.com/
23. Nice and Naughty, Mia Jae, cover by Rika Singh, http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8_view_item.html?m8:item=85-201-304-434-1
23. Love's Winsome Warrior, Angela Verdenius, http://www.wings-press.com/Bookstore/Love'sWinsomeWarrior.htm
23. Robert's Story, Shirley Burnett, http://redrosepublishing.com
23. Madman's Dance, Lynn Perkins & Christina Yoder, http://www.dragonmoonpress.com
23. Bad Boy Cowboy, Carol Lynne, http://www.total-e-bound.com/authordetail.asp?s=pl6Ybs671742&A_ID=5#booklist
23. Gadarene, Lara Carboni, http://emnovels.wordpress.com/new-release-gadarene/gadarene-retail/
23. Tyler's Woman by Jan Springer, Cover by Les Byerley, http://www.jasmine-jade.com/pm-4184-151-tylers-woman.aspx
23. With or Without You, Tuesday Dube`, http://www.dreaminginpurple.net/With%20or%20Without%20You%20Page.html
23. Someone to Watch Over Me, Laura Shinn, http://www.writersexchange.com
23. The Last Vhalgenn, Kat Haeske, http://shadowfirestore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=10&zenid=d8dbcfc559eea5397171ea5abfed4cfe
23. Premonitions: Causes For Alarm, Caroline O'Neal, http://freespace.virgin.net/pigasus.press/premonitions.html
23. Witch Hunts on the Internet, Yvonne Walus, http://echelonpress.netfirms.com/Echelon/nfoscomm/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=445&osCsid=dda12e13d4dfb931da8112d20306716e
23. The Birthday Gift, Renee Rocco, http://excessica.com/index.php/books/the-birthday-gift-by-giselle-renarde/
23. Private Property, Natalie Winters/Mandy Roth, http://www.mandyroth.com/natalie_winters_cover_art.htm
23. All, Steve Upham, http://www.twistedtongue.co.uk
23. The Messenger, Marci Gass, http://www.loose-id.com/detail.aspx?ID=824
23. 'The Revelation of a Star's Endless Shine: A Young Woman's Autobiography of 20-Year Victories over Victimization', Shirley Cheng, http://www.shirleycheng.com
23. Out of Bounds, T. A. Chase, art by Anne Cain, http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/out-of-bounds
23. Sojourn Through Time, S.M. Knight, http://www.susanneknight.com
23. Andy and the Albino Horse, K.C. Snider, http://K.C.Sniderart.com
23. Gizmo, Dee Dawning, http://deedawning.com/gizmo.php
23. Savage Retribution, Scott Carpenter, http://samhainpublishing.com/print/savage-retribution-print
23. Uncovering Egypt, cover by Natalie Winters, http://www.samhainpublishing.com
23. Wolfen, Jenny Dixon , http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/wolfen.htm
23. Serenity, D. Renee Bagby, cover by Christine Clavel, http://dreneebagby.com/Books_Serenity.html
23. Dreamer, Alan M. Clark, http://www.gale.cengage.com/servlet/ItemDetailServlet?region=6&imprint=000&cf=p&titleCode=TP916&type=3&dc=null&dewey=null&id=238276
23. Of Shadow and Substance, John Stanton, http://www.lulu.com/content/2719693
23. One Bad Apple, Sheila Connolly, http://www.sheilaconnolly.com
23. Collision Course, K. A. Mitchell, http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/collision-course
23. A Christmas Favour, Lyn Taylor, http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?&CAT_ID=&P_ID=396
23. Make a Joyful Noise, Chariss Walker, http://www.charissw@aol.com
23. Beyond Death, Jinger Jackson, http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8_view_item.html?m8:item=37-200-106-413-2
23. Saving Brigit, Jinger Heaston, http://www.bookstrand.com/product-savingbrigit-10971-201.html
23. Irish Magic, Deron Douglas, http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/single.php?ISBN=1-55404-607-6
23. Imaginary Lines, Linton Robinson & Ana Maria Corona, http://adorobooks.com/images/linesBIG.jpg
23. Saucy Minx, Ann Cory, cover by J. Savoy, http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com
23. Seven For A Secret, Mary Reed & Eric Mayer, http://www.poisonedpenpress.com
23. NIGHTLIFE Anthology, Laura Shinn, http://www.readerseden.com/product.php?productid=423&cat=0&page=1
23. Yellow Mama, Gin Fenton, http://http://www.critters.org/predpoll/bookart.shtml
23. Irish Roads, Loretta A. Murphy, http://www.publishamerica.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?Search=Yes
23. Tainted Tree, Janice Windle, http://artwork4u.com
23. Beyond the Looking Glass, AP Miller, http://www.extasybooks.com
23. Conjuring Cal, Buffi BeCraft-Woodall, http://www.total-e-bound.com/vakelu671028/Fantasy-and-Fairytales/Conjuring-Cal/p-73-268/
23. Strawberry Hill, Celia Kyle, http://redrosepublishing.com/bookstore/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=147&products_id=196
23. Parental Rights in Children's Medical Care - Where Is Our Freedom to Say No? A Look at the Injustice of the American Medical System, Shirley Cheng, http://www.shirleycheng.com
23. The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant: A Billibub Baddings Mystery , J.R. Blackwell, http://jrblackwell.com
23. Within the Law, Chelle Cordero, Kimberlee Williams cover design, http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com
23. Par For The Course, Jenna Bayley-Burke, https://www.mybookstoreandmore.com/shop/product.da/par-for-the-course
23. Blue Moon, Deena Fisher, http://drolleriepress.com/
23. Just A Memory, Nathalie Moore, http://www.echelonpress.com/direct/buy-lc-jam.htm
23. Miss Predictable, Paul Ellis, http://www.freyasbower.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=107
23. Halo In Her Pocket, Tuesday Dube`, http://www.dreaminginpurple.net/Halo%20in%20her%20pocket%20page.html
23. Angel Eyes, Dixie Phillips, http://www.floydslighthouse.com


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