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Critters is 25!

This November, Critters is 25 years old! Wow! Thanks so much to all of you, who've made it such a resounding success!

Books from Critters!

Check out Books by Critters for books by your fellow Critterfolk, as well as my list of recommended books for writers.

The Sigil Trilogy

If you're looking for an amazing, WOW! science fiction story, check out THE SIGIL TRILOGY. This is — literally — one of the best science fiction novels I've ever read.

A Guide to Barsoom

The ultimate, definitive GUIDE TO BARSOOM from ReAnimus Press. NOW IN PRINT EDITION TOO. The best guide to Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars series.


I was interviewed live on public radio for Critters' birthday, for those who want to listen.

Free Web Sites

Free web sites for authors (and others) are available at www.nyx.net.

ReAnimus Acquires Advent!

ReAnimus Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of the legendary Advent Publishers! Advent is now a subsidiary of ReAnimus Press, and we will continue to publish Advent's titles under the Advent name. Advent was founded in 1956 by Earl Kemp and others, and has published the likes of James Blish, Hal Clement, Robert Heinlein, Damon Knight, E.E. "Doc" Smith, and many others. Advent's high quality titles have won and been finalists for several Hugo Awards, such as The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Heinlein's Children. Watch this space for ebook and print editions of all of Advent's current titles!

Book Recommendation

THE SIGIL TRILOGY: The universe is dying from within... "Great stuff... Really enjoyed it." — SFWA Grandmaster Michael Moorcock

Announcing ReAnimus Press

If you're looking for great stuff to read from bestselling and award-winning authors—look no further! ReAnimus Press was founded by your very own Critter Captain. (And with a 12% Affiliate program.) [More]








Preditors & Editors Poll results

Preditors & Editors Poll results

2008 Official Results

[Category list]

Standings for category: Authors

1. Jade Falconer, http://jadefalconer.com/
2. Christie Silvers, http://www.christiesilvers.com
3. Lauren N. Sharman, http://www.LaurenSharman.com
4. Robyn Opie, http://www.robynopie.com
4. J. C. Natal, http://jcnatal.livejournal.com
4. Elizabeth Black, http://trishwilson.typepad.com/blog
5. Lora Leigh, http://loraleigh.com
6. Shelagh Watkins, http://shelaghwatkins.co.uk
7. Laurie Lonsdale, http://www.authorsden.com/laurielonsdale
7. Anastasia St. James, http://www.anastasia-st-james.com
8. Dave Freer, http://www.davefreer.com
8. Donna Sundblad, http://www.www.theinkslinger.net
9. John Foxjohn, http://www.johnfoxjohnhome.com
10. Diana Black, http://WoofersClub.com

11. Adrianne Brennan, http://www.adriannebrennan.com
12. Heather Hummel, http://www.heatherhummel.net
12. P.S.Gifford, http://www.psgifford.com
13. Mary Cunningham, http://www.marycunninghambooks.com
13. Rob Parnell, http://www,easywaytowrite.com
14. Kallysten, http://kallysten.net
14. Holly Jahangiri, http://hollyjahangiri.blogspot.com
15. Gina Collia-Suzuki, http://www.ginacolliasuzuki.com
15. Christine Feehan, http://www.christinefeehan.com/
16. Chelle Cordero, http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/Chelle_Cordero.html
16. Cindy Rosmus, http://blackpetalsks.tripod.com/yellowmama/id41.html
16. Diana Cosby, http://www.dianacosby.com/
16. Christy Poff, http://cpoff.bravejournal.com/p://
16. Karen Michelle Nutt, http://www.kmnbooks.com
17. Annette Marie Hyder, http://blog.annettehyder.com/
17. Celina Summers, http://www.kaantira.blogspot.com/
17. Carol Lynne, http://www.carol-lynne.net/
18. Skyla Dawn Cameron, http://www.skyladawncameron.com
18. Trinity Knight, http://www.mysticmoonpress.com/authorpages/trinityknight.html
18. Margot Justes, http://www.mjustes.com
18. Alessia Brio, http://www.alessiabrio.com
18. Toni Blake, http://www.toniblake.com
19. James Goodman, http://www.goodysworld.com/
19. TA Chase, www.tachase.blogspot.com
19. Susan Helene Gottfried, http://blog.westofmars.com/
19. Matthew Peterson, http://www.paraworlds.com
19. Ruth D. Kerce, http://www.ruthkerce.com
20. Connie Rachal, http://www.eatel.net/~connie1/My_Homepage_Export/default.htm
20. Bianca D'Arc, http://biancadarc.com
21. Tianna Xander, http://www.tiannaxander.com
21. Morgan Mandel, http://www.morganmandel.com
21. Danielle Ackley-McPhail, http://www.sidhenadaire.com
21. C.A.Milson, http://authorcamilson.info
21. Jordan Castillo Price, http://jordan.psycop.com/
21. Josh Lanyon, http://www.joshlanyon.com/
21. Renee Knowles, http://www.reneeknowles.com
21. Tamela Quijas, http://www.myspace.com/tamelaquijas
22. Chris Newman, http://www.swordforhire.net
22. Margaret Tanner, http://www.margarettanner.com
23. Selena Kitt, http://www.selenakitt.com
23. M. R. Sellars, http://www.mrsellars.com
23. Jaci Burton, http://www.jaciburton.com
23. Lee Rowan, http://www.lee-rowan.net
23. Adelle Laudan, http://adellelaudan.com
23. A. J. Llewellyn, http://www.ajllewellyn.com
23. Savannah Chase, http://www.savannahchase.com
23. MJ Fredrick, http://www.mjfredrick.com
23. C. A. Salo, http://www.casalo.webs.com
24. peggy lee johnson, http://www.rondyvoo.com
24. Diana Castilleja, http://www.dianacastilleja.com
24. Maya Banks, http://www.mayabanks.com
24. Molly Wens, http://mollywens.com
24. Leigh Savage, http://www.myspace.com/leighsavage
24. VS Grenier, http://vsgrenier.com/default.aspx
24. Leeann Burke, http://www.leeannburke.com
24. J. R. Lindermuth, http://jlind11.tripod.com
24. Linda Rettstatt, http://www.geocities.com/lindarettstatt
24. Leighann Phoenix, http://excessica.com/index.php/search-by-author/leighann-phoenix/
24. J,R. Ward, wwww.jrward.com
24. Ann Cory, http://www.anncory.com
24. Tracey H. Kitts, http://www.traceyhkitts.com
24. Mimi Riser, http://MimiRiser.brainuse.com
25. Destiny Blaine, http://www.destinyblaine.com
25. Joe Vadalma, http://papajoesfantasticworld.com
25. Syd McGinley, http://www.sydmcginley.com/
25. Ciara Gold, http://www.ciaragold.com
25. Marilyn Lee, http://www.marilynlee.org
25. Linda Mooney, http://www.lindamooney.com
25. Lea Schizas, http://www.leaschizas.com
25. Kim Smith, http://www.mkimsmith.com
25. Rob Shelsky, http://www.home.earthlink.net/~robngeorge/
26. Stella and Audra Price, http://www.stellaandaudra.com
26. Brynn Paulin, http://www.brynnpaulin.com/
26. Ginger Simpson, http://mizging.blogspot.com
26. Donica Covey, http://www.donicacovey.com
26. Forrest Hunter Wood, http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-CBJDb885bqj_FqUj5c2PB20XRoQ-?cq=1
26. Sean Michael, http://seanmichaelwrites.com
26. Jesse Fox, http://www.geocities.com/jesse_fox2008
26. Karen Wiesner, http://www.karenwiesner.com
26. Donna Marie Rogers, http://www.donnamarierogers.com
26. beth trissel, http://www.bethtrissel.com
26. Heather Beck, http://heatherbeck.tripod.com/
26. D. Renee Bagby, http://dreneebagby.com
26. Selina Rosen, http://lwww.selinarosen.com
26. Stephenie Meyer, http://www.stepheniemeyer.com
26. Debbie Mumford, http://www.debbiemumford.com
26. Nicole Austin, http://www.nicoleaustin.net
26. Jaden Sinclair, http://www.jadensinclair.com
27. Edward McKeown, http://www.sfreader.com/authors/edward-mcKeown/
27. Jude Mason, http://www.my-haven2001.com
27. Rowena Cherry, http://www.rowenacherry.com
27. Katrina Strauss, http://www.katrinastrauss.com/
27. Jewel Adams, http://classactbooks.com
27. Jaime Samms, http://jaime-samms.net/
27. Kissa Starling, http://kissastarling.com
27. Kim Harrison, http://www.kimharrison.net/
27. Wade Rigney, http://www.flashfictiononline.com
27. Sarah Wagner, http://www.sarahwagner.domynoes.net/
27. Keesa Renee DuPre, http://www.gudmagazine.com/vault/3/Persian+on+the+Forty+Second+Floor
27. J. Richard Jacobs, http://www.jrichardjacobs.net
27. Jordan Krall, http://www.filmynoir.com
27. Gladys Hobson, http://www.magpiesnestpublishing.co.uk
27. Catherine Lundoff, http://www.visi.com/~clundoff
27. Michelle Hasker, http://www.michellehasker.com
27. J.R. Ward, http://www.jrward.com
27. Lara Adrian, http://www.laraadrian.com/
27. Ciar Cullen, http://www.ciarcullen.com
27. Angela Verdenius, http://www.angelaverdenius.com
27. Charlotte Boyett~Compo, http://www.windlegends.org
27. Susanne Saville, http://www.SusanneSaville.com
27. Shayla Black, http://www.shaylablack.com/
27. Sierra Dafoe, http://www.sierradafoe.com
27. Carol Hightshoe, http://www.carolhightshoe.com
27. Giselle Renarde, http://www.freewebs.com/gisellerenarde
27. Louise Bohmer, http://www.louisebohmer.com
27. Tymber Dalton, http://www.tymberdalton.com
27. Michelle M Pillow, http://www.michellepillow.com
27. Cat Kane, http://www.morethanfiction.com
27. Kensana Darnell, http://kensanadarnell.hostrator.com
27. Z. A. Maxfield, http://www.zamaxfield.com/
27. Lauren Dane, http://www.laurendane.com/
27. Lisabet Sarai, http://www.lisabetsarai.com
27. Sylvia Day, http://www.sylviaday.com
27. Beth Wylde, www.bethwylde.com
27. Clare London, http://www.darkpearldiva.com
28. Jamieson Wolf, http://www.jamiesonwolf.com
28. Kathryn Magendie, http://kathrynmagendie.com/howl/
28. Steven Shrewsbury, http://www.stevenshrewsbury.com
28. Dana Marie Bell, http://www.danamariebell.com
28. Jacquie Rogers, http://www.jacquierogers.com
28. Heather S. Ingemar, http://ingemarwrites.wordpress.com/
28. Amy Grech, http://www.crimsonscreams.com
28. Barbara Donlon Bradley, http://www.geocities.com/barbbradley
28. Angeline L.Hawkes, http://www.angelinehawkes.com
28. Michael West, http://www.bymichaelwest.com
28. Cassie Exline, http://www.cassieexline.com
28. Annette Snyder, http://annettesnyder.atspace.com
28. Gary McMahon, http://www.garymcmahon.com/
28. Lynda Hilburn, http://www.lyndahilburnauthor.com
28. Ralan Conley, http://www.ralan.com
28. Jourdan Lane, http://www.jourdanlane.com
28. J Alan Erwine, http://jalanerwine.blogspot.com
28. Paul Bens, http://paulbens.com/
28. Mary Jean Kelso, http://www.authorsden.com/maryjeankelso
28. Jacquelynn Luben, http://freespace.virgin.net/jackie.luben
28. Tee Morris, http://www.teemorris.com
28. Thom Olausson, http://www.deadtales.com
28. Margot Finke, http://www.margotfinke.com
28. Jude Gladd, http://www.judithbglad.com
28. Danielle Parker, http://www.bewilderingstories.com/bios/parker_bio.html
28. Erastes, http://www.erastes.com
28. Chariss K. Walker, http://www.chariss.com
28. AP Miller, http://http://bookmarket.ning.com/profile/APMiller
28. Laura Baumbach, http://www.laurabaumbach.com
28. Adnan Mahmutovic, http://www.adnanmahmutovic.com
28. Leigh Ellwood, http://www.leighellwood.com
28. Beth Kery, http://www.bethkery.com/index.php
28. Manna Francis, http://www.mannazone.org/zone/index.html
28. William Walsh, http://murphybed.blogspot.com
28. Stoney Setzer, http://puddleglum5999@yahoo.com
28. Michelle Devon, http://www.michelleldevon.com
28. Meredith Holmes, www.meredithholmes.com
28. Morgan O'Reilly, http://morganqoreilly.com
28. Kelli Wilkins, http://www.KelliWilkins.com
28. Barry Hunter, http://baryon-online.com
28. Hywela Lyn, http://www.hywelalyn.co.uk
28. Rio Youers, http://www.rioyouers.com
28. Bonnie Rose Leigh, http://www.mybonnierose.com
28. Sheri L. McGathy, http://www.sherimcgathy.com
28. Hal Duncan, http://www.notesfromthegeekshow.blogspot.com/
28. Astrid Cooper, http://www.astridcooper.com
28. Jennifer Turner, http://www.darknesswithinnovels.com/home.html
28. Mari Car, http://www.maricarr.com
28. Alastair Archibald, http://ajarchibald.wcpauthor.com/
28. Brenna Lyons, http://www.brennalyons.com
28. Marilyn Peake, http://www.marilynpeake.com
28. Lorna Barrett, http://www.LornaBarrett.com
28. Kimberly Killion, http://www.kimberlykillion.com/home.asp
28. E.E. Knight, http://www.vampjac.com/
28. Rhonda Pollero, http://rhondapollero.com/
28. Shirley Cheng, Blind Author with Vision, http://www.shirleycheng.com
28. T. Sue VerSteeg, http://tsueversteeg.com
29. Francis Drake, http://www.francisdrakebooks.com/
29. D. H. Brown, http://www.dhbrownbooks.com
29. Mary Eason, http://www.maryeason.bravehost.com
29. Jessica Freely, http://friskbiskit.com
29. Gabrielle Faust, http://www.gabriellefaust.com/
29. T.A. Moore, http://www.nevertobetold.com
29. Lydia Parks, http://www.lydiaparks.com
29. Jeanne Lyet Gassman, http://jeannelyetgassman.com
29. Kira Chase, http://www.kirachase.com
29. Dave Kuzminski, http://home.att.net/~d.l.kuzminski/index.html
29. Matthew Wayne Selznick, http://www.mattselznick.com
29. Joseph Ridgwell, http://josephridgwell.blogspot.com/
29. Betty Gordon, http://www.bettygordon.com
29. Marianne Arkins, http://www.mariannearkins.com
29. Cat Grant, http://www.catgrant.com
29. Shannon Joyce Prince, http://www.bewilderingstories.com/bios/prince_bio.html
29. Devyn Quinn, http://www.devynquinn.com
29. Kresley Cole, http://kresleycole.com/
29. Kelly Jamieson, http://wsww.kellyjamieson.com
29. Kayelle Allen, http://kayelleallen.com
29. Shari Lyle-Soffe, http://www.sharilyle-soffe.com
29. Anastasia Rabiyah, http://rabiyahbooks.com
29. Cat Johnson, http://www.catjohnson.net
29. Viola Grace, http://www.violagrace.com/
29. Kage Baker, http://kagebaker.com
29. Charlie Cochrane, http://charliecochrane.co.uk/
29. Susan K. Droney, http://www.susandroney.com
29. Teel James Glenn, http://teeljamesglenn.com
29. Emma Wildes, http://www.emmawildes.com
29. Vicki M. Taylor, http://www.vickimtaylor.com
29. Corey Mesler, http://www.coreymesler.com
29. Karen L. Newman, http://www.myspace.com/karenlnewman
29. J.R. Turner, http://www.jennifer-turner.com/
29. Tanya Hanson, http://www.tanyahanson.com
29. habu, http://www.barbarianspy.com
29. Cindy Speer, http://www.apenandfire.com
29. Sarah Colter, http://sarahcolter.webs.com
29. Emelia Bell, http://www.emeliabell.co.uk
29. Jude-Marie Green, http://judemariegreen.wikispaces.com
29. Megan Hart, http://www.meganhart.com/
29. Beth Fehlbaum, http://courageinpatience.blogspot.com
29. Kenneth James Kirsch, http://kennethjameskirsch.blogspot.com
29. Cameo Brown, http://www.cafepriapus.com
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29. L.L. Bartlett, http://www.LLBartlett.com
29. Faith Bicknell-Brown, http://faithbicknellbrown.com/
29. Catherine Colombo, http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com
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29. Nancy Pirri, http://www.nancypirri.com
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29. Parhelion, http://www.e-fic.com/sundog/
29. Cindy Bauer, http://www.cindybauerbooks.com
29. Rita Hestand, http://ritahestand.com
29. Wendy Laing, http://wendylaing.com
29. Linda C. Wisniewski, http://www.lindawis.com
29. L. Shannon, http://lshannon.net
29. Susanne Marie Knight, http://www.susanneknight.com
29. David E. Greske, http://www.freewebs.com/davidgreske
29. Cia Leah, http://cialeah.com/
29. Carl Brookins, http://www.carlbrookins.com
29. Michele Bardsley, http://blog.michelebardsley.net/
29. J. D. Webb, http://jdwebb.com
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29. Tricia McGill, http://www.triciamcgill.com
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29. Pamela K. Kinney/Sapphire Phelan, http://FantasticDreams.50megs.com
29. Donneil D. Jackson, http://www.pureblisspublishing.com
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29. Alex Beecroft, http://www.alexbeecroft.com
29. Zathyn Priest, http://www.zathynpriest.com
29. Patrick Thomas, http://patthomas.net


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