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Here are books and music that members of Critters have put up for sale such that a percent of the proceeds benefits Critters (typically a third to half the price). Readers get good stuff, this is added publicity for members and their work, and helps Critters — a true win-win-win.

Many people don't know you can add ebooks onto their reader devices from other sources, like the Critters Store. Here's a tutorial how to do it. It's easy.

You may wonder why we have music here... it's because one of the Critter members happens to be a genuine, Motown, #1 hit singer. How cool is that? Charlene (of "I've Never Been To Me" fame) is graciously donating a portion of her new songs (which are great) and her children's book. It's not every day you get a coup like that. Thanks, Charlene, and every other Critter member who's participating!

So not only are you buying some really good stuff to read or listen to, you're helping Critters with every purchase.

— Your Critter Captain

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Donating to Critters

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Unless otherwise indicated, all books are available for Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony, eReader, PC, Mac, and most other ereaders. (You get all formats for the one price.) Titles and authors are randomized for fairness. No copy protection ("DRM"). Nasty DRM. We hates DRM.

The Life and Tails of Herman the Worm
by Charlene Oliver


A children's book from Critter member and Motown #1 hit singer Charlene. [More...]


Charlene album cover

(All music is in MP3 format, with no DRM copy protection. Samples require the Apple QuickTime plugin. )

    (Why Can't) Time Stand Still    
From Critter and Motown singer Charlene: I wrote the lyrics about my children and how someday they will be standing... [More...]
Item#1101 - $1.29

    Symphony For A Broken Piano    
From Critter and Motown singer Charlene: This is one of the most beautiful songs I know. It is a metaphor of how a... [More...]
Item#1102 - $1.29

    California Dreamin (Dance)    
From Critter and Motown singer Charlene: I have always loved that song, and my rendition of the song brings it to a new... [More...]
Item#1103 - $1.29

    Used To Be (With Stevie Wonder)    
From Critter and Motown singer Charlene: "Does your president have soul?" — a song more true today than when it... [More...]
Item#1104 - $1.29


(All music is in MP3 format, ebooks in all popular formats, no DRM copy protection on anything.)

Full Album Over a Dozen Songs PLUS Herman The Worm Children's Book
by Charlene

Item#1201 Full Album Over a Dozen Songs PLUS Herman The Worm Children's Book - $14.99

Over a dozen songs by Critter Member — and Motown #1 hit singer — Charlene, most of them new, plus the ebook of Charlene's children's book, The Life and Tails of Herman the Worm. [More...]

Donating to Critters

Keep the minions even happier — add a donation to Critters to your cart!

(While Critters gets a few dollars from each item and this is a cool way to support both Critters and Critter members, Critters ultimately does rely on pure donations to keep the minions fed.)


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Returning Customers

Got a new device? Need to download again? If you previously purchased an item here and want a different format, no problem! I believe you should be able to put your stuff on any device you want. You may return here any time after purchase to get copies of your purchases in any of the other available formats. Simply enter the transaction ID you received on your purchase receipt:


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Critters is entirely funded by donations from Critterfolk like you, so yours is most appreciated. Click here to make the minions happy. Every dollar helps. Thanks for your support!



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